How Reviews Influence Your Online Reputation

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Online commerce or e-commerce is an increasingly daily activity in people’s lives. Today, many brands offer their products on the internet and have also promoted interaction with customers. Through reviews, users are a means to publicize the strengths or weaknesses of the product and become a powerful tool in today’s digital marketing.

What is a review?

The review is an assessment, opinion, or comment about the experience of a product, service, or any business published on the internet by the people who have acquired them. That is why they have become a guide for buyers and relevant online commerce or e-commerce.
This information has become so important to users that before purchasing a product or service, they go to the internet to find out what other buyers have written about them; and depending on its content, they have decided to make the purchase, or quite the opposite, they give up on it.

For companies, offering the consumer the opportunity to have prior knowledge of what they will acquire through honest opinions of satisfied customers is a commercial strategy that has caused a positive impact, which is reflected in the increase in the level of their sales.

Why buy a review?

The amount of reviews about our products or services increases the credibility of potential customers, and buying reviews is one of the best ways to acquire the reputation we desire so much.

Nowadays, and especially considering the digital world in which we live, it is frequent that the competition makes false comment campaigns that can damage our reputation, that of the product, and with it, our business.

From this point of view, the end consumer will always be guided by our producer’s opinions users’ evaluations, which would be a kind of “word of mouth,” although with greater relevance and easier access for all potential customers.

Acquiring a review automatically guarantees us a positive evaluation, something that will give us greater authority over the competition, especially if they have negative comments. It is necessary to emphasize that when we have the idea of acquiring a new product, we blindly trust other clients or users and their experience, since in the end,’ the client is always right.

Benefits of online reviews for our brand

The online review has become an essential aspect for businesses in general that are displayed online. It is unlikely that any brand does not already have a space on their web portals to make their comments or through the reviews that can be done through Google. And that is due to its multiple benefits:

  • Influence on other customers: Market research indicates that online reviews positively affect other customers’ purchase process since the decision to buy is based on the content of the opinions about the products.
  • Improves SEO: web positioning or SEO is a fundamental tool to publicize a business on the internet; that is why through online comments, search requests may increase, and consequently, the website rises in position and be more visible.
  • Establish a communication channel: just as customers can write their opinions, the company can also answer their questions, and in this way, promote closeness among its buyers.
  • Increase the quality of the products: it is a reality that not all reviews will be positive. There will always be some negative ones, but this we must take as a recommendation to correct errors and improve the quality of our products and services.
  • Improve brand image: Positive reviews are very beneficial, both to increase sales and also to enhance the brand since a good comment equals safety, quality, variety, and many other favorable aspects that buyers attribute.

How Reviews Influence Your Online Reputation

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