How Retailers Can Manage An Online Reputation Management

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Management plays a crucial role in enhancing productivity. Whether it be an offline business or an online business, proper management is required for achieving desired goals. It also affects the reputation of the brand.

As said, the first impression is the last. The same follows with the companies, too. Brand valuation plays an essential role in the success of the company. Therefore, companies are always searching for strategies to manage their online reputation and enhance brand valuation. This will help to increase the positive reviews of your business. As per a BrightLocal report, 92% of the customers read online reviews before buying any service or product. Therefore, a retailer must manage the online reputation of his store or business wisely.

Why retailers need to manage an online reputation

In the present era of digitalization, online ratings and reviews reflect the brand value of the business. According to the studies, 90% of the customers get influenced by the product or services and decide to buy it according to the reviews. Therefore, retailers need to manage an online reputation to succeed in a long race. Important reasons why retailers should focus on managing the online reputation of their business include.

  1. To stand out from the competitors.

Business reputation depends upon the online reviews of your services and business. Retailers should always offer the best quality services and products because negative reviews adversely impact their productivity. It is found that social media positively impacts 71 % of users. So retailers need to manage their online reputation to enhance the revenue.

  1. For sustainable growth 

If retailers want to have a long-term growth of their business, they need to manage the online reputation of the business effectively. 

  1. To enhance profitability  

Retailers should evaluate CPLs and ROI reports to analyze the growth of the business. Retailers should also take online reviews and testimonials seriously because there are about 3.5 billion social media users, and online reviews affect 72% of buyers. Effectively handling your online reputation will assist you in enhancing profitability.

How retailers can manage an online reputation management

Effective management of online perception needs a systematic approach that should support your brand strategy. Nowadays, various technologies, data sources, machine learning, and processes have developed in the market that can be used to measure your business’s online presence and effectively manage it. It will help in driving more traffic, calls, clicks and assist in generating more revenue. 

The online reputation score is directly proportional to revenue generation. It is found that retailers having high online reputation scores generate 3.9% more revenue.

Google controls 75.34% of the global search traffic, and it provides more information about any company than any other search engine on the internet. It has grabbed the attention of buyers. Nowadays, 70-80% of users prefer to search at Google about the product or service before buying it. 

Therefore, retailers need to have a good brand image at Google and other search engines. You can manage your 50-60% of online reputation by using common sense. To effectively manage the other 50% of online reputation, there are few tips shared below that are to be kept in mind:-

  1. Know the status of your online presence

The first step toward managing your online reputation is to check your business’s presence in the search engine. According to the experts’ first ten results on Google counts the most, but ideally, you should check the three pages, i.e., the first 30 results.

  1. Set up free Google alerts to keep yourself updated

You can monitor and manage your store’s online reputation by setting up free Google alerts. These alerts will send you an email whenever it finds a new post containing a particular keyword. You should set up Google alerts by the name of your store, the name of essential store employees, and the store’s web address. You can get Google alerts on a daily or weekly basis at your convenience. You can start searching the same things on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms. It will help you manage your brand’s online presence because 84% of people trust the brand’s online presence.

  1. Use various analytical tools.

There are various web analytics and social media presence handling tools that can help track your brand’s online presence and your products’ reputation on the internet. 73% of retailers have already found that managing online presence leads to an increase in revenue.

  1. Focus on addresses and reviews of customers

Online reputation management of the brand is about focusing on customers’ needs and resolving out their queries. It assists in identifying customer misconceptions related to products and services, and it helps to identify the strategy to handle the challenges and questions of customers effectively. It will also help you to identify your target customers so you can focus on them effectively.

  1. Be honest and careful about your words.

Create various social media accounts of your company and avoid publishing content related to politics, sex, religion, and controversial subjects. Always be honest about the specifications of your product. It will still retain customers’ trust in your brand and help you maintain your business’s positive image.


It is highly recommended that retailers take online reputation seriously because your customers make an online image of your business seriously. Reputation management is all about listening to customers’ queries and solving their issues effectively in no time. It will make them delighted and encourage them to offer high ratings and excellent reviews of your products and services. It helps to generate more revenue and leads to the sustainable growth of your business.

About the author:

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How Retailers Can Manage An Online Reputation Management

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