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How Online Retailers Can Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Online retail continues to grow but cart abandonment remains a major issue. In this infographic from the team at  2Flow, we look at how online retailers can reduce shopping cart abandonment. On Black Friday in 2017 global cart abandonment was 72.5% with the majority filling up their cart but not completing the checkout.

Interestingly, cart abandonment on mobile devices is higher and this makes sense as people are often more in ‘browse mode’ on their phone. For example, 77.8% of carts on phones are abandoned but only 67.1% on desktop.

There are a variety of reasons why shoppers abandon carts but the main one is that they are just looking. They also often like to load up their cart to see what their items will cost with shipping. There are plenty ways to push your conversion rates up and one-time discounts can be a good way to do that. A little incentive such as a 10% discount on checkout may really help to increase sales for online retailers. See the full infographic now.

How Online Retailers Can Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

From our friends at 2flow – an outsource fulfillment partner specializing in handling inventory.

How Online Retailers Can Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

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