How Much Does It Cost to Build an eCommerce Website?

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If you decide to create your e-commerce website, you should know that many factors such as design, features, and integration influence the cost.

In this article, you can learn about the e-commerce website development tech stack, how the cost of its creation depends on features, region, third-party integration, and design.

Average website cost

A custom e-commerce website that was developed from scratch costs from $26,400 to $42,350 and more. You can use an out-of-box template, but it may load slowly; the design of the user interface isn’t unique, there is a high probability that someone is already using the same template; it’s not safe. Safety is also essential If you need an e-commerce CRM.

The e-commerce website cost depends on the complexity of functions. For example, only the MVP features’ cost can reach $20,150, the complex website with additional features may cost $28,800 and over. The increase in costs also depends on the design, good architecture, tech stack.

So, let’s check what factors influence the cost of e-commerce websites.

What influences the cost

Let’s look at several essential factors that influence the cost of e-commerce websites.

The complexity of features and the number

When your website grows, tech requirements increase, you can’t identify the cost without considering such features as logic, buttons, fields, screens. Besides, developers are often forced to use code from scratch, third-party APIs to integrate payment systems. 

For example, the cost of payment management in the admin panel may cost $1,950 (in Eastern Europe) and takes ~39 hours, while the cost of simple registration is $550 and takes only 11 hours.

Design complexity

When you decide to create your e-commerce website with animations or choose between several visual conceptions, be prepared for the fact that the more sophisticated your design is, the longer it’ll take to create and the more expensive it’ll be. 

If you want your e-commerce website to look good on different devices, make it adapted ‒ it costs approximately 30% of the frontend part.

Developers and their location

The cost of software development depends on the region:

  • North America ‒ $100-$149
  • Western Europe ‒ $50-$99
  • Eastern Europe ‒ $25-$50.

But shouldn’t think that the higher the price, the better the work will be. Besides, consider such additional costs as a domain name, hosting, maintenance, SSL certificate, and the marketing expenses such as  SMM, SEO, copywriting, advertising.

Number of third-party integrations

eCommerce third-party integrations

Building e-commerce websites will be more expensive if you integrate third-party tools to customize shipping options or add a live chat.

If you want the robot to call or send SMS to your customers or via WhatsApp, you can choose Twilio. The cost is $0,0042 to send a message on WhatsApp, $0,0075 to send or receive an SMS, $0,0085 per minute to receive, and $0,013 per minute to call. It’ll take about 4-6 hours.

E-commerce website cost by features

The cost of creating an e-commerce website depends on the design, domain name, and content, but still, it mostly depends on features. Let’s look at the approximate cost of the e-commerce website development with MVP in different countries:

  • Eastern Europe ‒ $20,150
  • USA ‒ $60,450
  • Australia, Central, and Western Europe ‒ $40,300

It’ll be a good idea if you decide to monetize your site by adding Google Adwords that takes 12 hours.  

Tech stack

Let’s look at the list of tech stacks that developers would use to build an e-commerce website.


  • Nodejs + TypeScript
  • Redis as cache
  • BullMQ as the message broker


  • Angular + Angular Universal
  • UI components libraries like Twitter Bootstrap or Angular Material


  • Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES)
  • Paypal, Stripe, Adyen, etc. for payments
  • Log in via social media API (Facebook, Gmail, Twitter)

How Much Does It Cost to Build an eCommerce Website?

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