How Much Does a Video Cost?

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Video Costs (A Detailed Video Production Cost Blueprint)

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding video marketing is: How much should we budget for a 1-minute video? And, more importantly, what factors influence the production budget? The T1-minute video production cost depends entirely on your budget and goals.

You can capture footage using your mobile phone, edit it on free apps, and then upload it to free social media websites. Or you can outsource your project to a professional video production company where you’d be looking at a budget ranging from $1,000 to $ million. It turns out that the exact numbers are very hard to come by.

Many factors affect the cost of video production (video type, duration, crew, equipment, travel expenses, etc.). For companies looking to outsource their video production, the good news is that many factors affecting the final costs have dropped dramatically over the past few years.

To better understand what to expect, the Make a Video Hub team created the infographic below to help you better figure out video production costs by introducing the process behind what it takes to produce video content and breaking down the basic factors driving video production costs. Moreover, it estimates the total cost for a 1~2 2-minute video depending on the quality level.

Check it out!

How Much Does a Video Cost (A Detailed Video Production Cost Blueprint)

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