How Modern Brands are Leveraging Memes to Connect With Customers

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How Modern Brands are Leveraging Memes to Connect With Customers

Memes are a widespread currency on social media and a big component of online culture, alongside hilarious videos and influencer content.

Each day, the average person spends an hour and a half on social media. And memes are the language people use to transmit new ideas and attitudes on social media.

As a result, it’s no surprise that memes have turned into a cultural phenomenon. Grumpy Cat, Good Guy Greg (GGG), and LOLcats all have one thing in common: they’re all meme characters who have become popular on the internet. They’ve been used in a variety of methods to disseminate diverse ideologies.

How Brands are Using Memes for Marketing

On social media sites, memes are a natural fit. They’re engaging, funny, and simple to absorb. However, meme marketing is a relatively new practice that quickly gathers steam.

Meme marketing can give your social media strategy a fresh lease on life. Because memes are so visually appealing, they’re ideal for creating social media content. The best part is that you can leverage the popularity of an already trending meme. In addition, there is no such thing as plagiarism when it comes to memes.

Meme-jacking is a term coined to describe this behavior. Meme-jacking occurs when businesses use popular memes to promote their products. Meme-jacking is gaining in popularity because it’s a great way to share new content that can go viral. Consider this: who doesn’t enjoy a good meme?

Role of Social Media 

Even though memes have been around for a long time, their popularity increased with the advent of social media, and it didn’t take long for someone to grasp the marketing possibilities of exploiting memes. Memes were shared on Usenet newsgroups and forums before Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Examples of Famous Brands Using Memes for Marketing

  • Gucci

Gucci is a high-end fashion house with a reputation for elegance and sophistication. They decided to disrupt all misconceptions about their brand for their 2017 #TFWGucci campaign. They demonstrated to their target audience that they could be hip by using memes.


Gucci used a variety of related memes that ranged from bizarre to humorous. In addition, they collaborated with artists from all over the world to produce all of the memes.

  • Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon excels at catering to its young audience through the use of memes. Nickelodeon’s strategy is brilliant because they use their cartoons. They make new memes while also promoting their TV schedule. 


They understand that memes are popular because they describe something many people can connect to. The target audience, in this case, is youngsters. Everyday things are what they can relate to. For instance, having an irritating brother, having a lot of freedom and misbehaving, and having a lot of homework.

  • Seamless

Seamless, a popular online food delivery business in the United States, frequently uses memes to engage with its audience on social media.


They came up with a clever marketing approach using memes in 2014. They created a series of memes based on Academy Award nominations. Seamless’ meme-series, also known as #OscarNomNoms, went viral on Twitter.

How Modern Brands are Leveraging Memes to Connect With Customers