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How Mobile Apps Make A Difference

Transforming Our Industries – How Mobile Apps Make A Difference

We can’t really avoid change. We can’t escape technology and the various ways it is affecting us. You will agree with this too. We are surrounded by the most modern equipment and gadgets that ensure constant connectivity and exchange of information to users spread practically across every corner of the world.

Yes, the internet has reached to the far-off countries and cities of the planet and is revolutionizing the way we shop, spend our time, connect with friends and relatives and also the way we conduct ourselves. At the center of it all are the mobile apps.

No, we’re not talking about mobile websites or accelerated mobile pages or anything of similar in nature. We are talking about robust and super responsive mobile applications that run across platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows and any other platform that your user uses. These are transforming our lives by first transforming the very industries that run our economy.

The way we shop, workout, connect with people, maintain our health and fitness, educate our children and even buy property has changed drastically and that is all due to mobile applications development company. There are a lot of mobile apps that have taken a permanent spot in our smartphones just like the industries that have been stuck to and dependent on them for years now. We are going to discuss just how the mobile applications of today are revolutionizing the way we live and also help us make important life decisions. We will begin with the hottest industry today and that is:

The Fitness & Wellness Industry

What do you see when you visit a fitness website? Do you see its design or the way the “before and after” pictures have been presented? Do you go directly to the content and don’t prefer to have a look at any of its features? Well, you are not alone. Often times online availability is just not enough. You have to go beyond the well-optimized fitness website design and move to more robust options such as a fitness app. Don’t find these claims credible? Well, just have a look at the various rationales any fitness club or gym owner would give you for choosing to create a mobile app.


Social Media Integration

Any gym’s business strategy is incomplete without social media integration. It gives their business an online face and personality. Any potential members will first interact with their social media profile. A mobile app can thus ensure that your potential users are talking about your gym and only that.

Content Creation & Optimization

When you think about a robust fitness website design, you never ignore the content you serve your user through it. Same applies to the app you create. Gym users are looking for the same personalized experience that a website offers them. This is where you move beyond just a fitness program. A responsive mobile app is capable of providing high-value and informative SEO based content.

Apart from this having a mobile app lets you become an influential marketing entity, lets your user stream workout videos, help you in online reputation management, allows you to create fitness & workout tracking programs and wearables and do a lot more.

Real Estate Industry

According to several studies regarding the use of technology and internet in the real estate industry, the user is gradually moving to mobile apps for their almost every need. We have entered a scenario where if we don’t recognize the need for automation and welcome new technologies, we are going to lose opportunities. Your users are demanding mobile apps and the ease that comes with them when it comes to buying and selling a property or even renovating their home.

The expanding use of tablets or iPads or smartphones when showing properties to prospective homebuyers indicated a massive step forward in the favor of mobile apps and the thing that seemed like something from the future has already become our present. Homebuyers have now grown completely habitual of keeping their mobiles fully charged because they don’t want to miss out on any listings offered by their preferred developers or property agents.

Their mobile apps tell them of any such listings via push notifications no matter where they are. Many realtors are now diving head first into the world of mobile apps because they know how having their own mobile apps will largely improve the user experience. It is more than just duplicating your website in the application. One also has to offer exclusive tools and content. And this is what enables mobile apps to allow for better personalization, more features, better conversion, and a lot more utility than any page that boasts of the latest in real estate website design


Social Media

Social media application development has become HUGE! Apps on mobile phones have made them more than just a communication device. We have realized the power of social media as more than just a collection of online communication channels. It has gone beyond people-based interactions and chit chatting. It is about multimillion-dollar collaborations, and sharing of valuable content that results in again deals and transactions worth millions of dollars in a single day.


Why Social Media Mobile App Development Is So Big?

Social media has changed the way users interact with you. As a business or a marketer, you cannot find a more innovative avenue to reach out to customers. Your social media app is going to function as a major tool for customer relations, online marketing, and unhindered customer care. Social media app development has become so important because it gives you the ability to connect with your users (which is a very basic need of the hour).

It allows for amplified app/brand awareness. Creating a social media app that has excellent features and easy use, high responsiveness and agility will ensure that your brand gets recognized for the sheer quality of experience that it can provide. This is going to set you apart from the rest of the crowd in no time.

In addition to this your social media app development proves to be successful when you are able to provide better customer satisfaction, cater to a larger audience of potential app users and attract them with your features, record a higher conversion rate and also beef up blogging and sharing about your app and encourage feedback from your app users

Healthcare Industry

Ok, this is actually a no-brainer. You already know how easy it is to order medicines online and modify your prescriptions within the app and automate deliveries and payments with a healthcare app. If you didn’t, you know it now. We see how technology and healthcare have become so closely connected. It is for the simple reason that custom healthcare software development has evolved over time. Our coding has become more intuitive and simpler and the results it is able to deliver are nothing short of life changing. Following are the many ways it has impacted the healthcare industry as we know it:

  • Simplifying the search for a medicine or a practicing specialist
  • The ability of mobile apps to improve diabetes management
  • Getting your most awaited doctor’s appointments on the go

Improving Your Doctors’ Knowledge

Among the sea of countless apps for patients, doctors and nurses do feel a bit left out but do you know that there are apps that cater to them as well? Many mobile apps target doctors and other medical practitioners and provide them on-the-go medical knowledge which can be helpful in a range of conditions. It enables them to identify the problem and find solutions that might have skipped their mind on the go.


How e-commerce has benefited from mobile apps doesn’t need to be spelled out in the least. We all are walking examples of it and our attires, our gadgets and the cosmetics that we use are proof of it. According to the leading Shopify experts and many other industry gurus, the biggest way mobile apps have impacted the e-commerce industry is the way marketers have been able to understand their customers.

Yes, several businesses that have forayed into mobile apps are able to understand their markets easily and they have identified which products are more in demand, and which of their products are searched more and what among them have gained the most popularity across their user base. They have also learned how to track customer behavior using mobile apps. Apart from this, what a mobile app does for an E-commerce entity is way beyond what a website can accomplish and the following are a few examples:

  • Increased customer loyalty
  • High level of personalization
  • Easy payment options
  • Multiple orders
  • Wider reach
  • Chat support for instant customer grievance resolution


Do you know why educational app development companies are flourishing so much today? This is because technology has completely taken over the education industry. Smartphones, tablets and other connected devices have become very affordable. They are the most reliable and the newest way to provide knowledge to students all across the world without any limitations. Wireless technology as we know it has changed our overall learning experience and the education system drastically.


What The Current Trend Suggests

The present generation trusts custom e-learning solutions technology and believes in investing in rich learning activities and seeks out a more flexible approach to educate itself. Mobile technology attracts students because it is a very comfortable way to learn new concepts and with apps of our choice it becomes even easier and more fun to do just that. According to an independent study over 5.5% of educational revenues are being spent on technology for education. The year 2010 saw global education IT expenditure come to an astounding $64.15 billion which grew at 2.5% from there. The US mobile education industry was close to $1.82 billion in 2015 which is again expected to double or triple by the end of 2018.

Final Words

Mobile apps seem to be the biggest thing right now. They are everywhere. They are making our lives easier and we are using them every waking hour and the reasons for this are evident. Mobile apps are easy to use and give us more accessibility and flexibility. They are more interactive than a website and very quick to understand. All in all, when you decide to create your own app, you know that you are dealing the right cards and playing to win.

How Mobile Apps Make A Difference

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