How Have Electric Bikes Transformed Our Lives

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Cycling can be anything that you make of it: It can be a hobby, a way of spending quality time with family, a form of exercise, or a commute. With the introduction of the battery power of an e-bike, however, cycling has been nothing short of life-transforming for many people.

With modern technology, we can live much healthier lives. Those who have fitness trackers can see how active they are. Seeing that can encourage us to be even more active. Some fitness trackers like the Apple Watch even gamify health with competitions and points. Many who never imagined that they could ever ride a bicycle, maybe due to age or illness, can now do it comfortably, and that has helped many improve their mental health and lead overall healthy lives. Indeed, electric bikes are having a bit of a moment right now!

Electric bikes can transform your life as well. How do you ask? Well, here are 6 ways how:  

  •     They have removed barriers of entry to cycling.

 You need to engage in meaningful, regular exercise if you are to lead a healthy life. Cycling is one of the meaningful aerobic exercises that you could try. But then, not unless you are very fit, cresting hills on a bicycle or riding for long distances doesn’t seem like the best of ideas. It is actually the worst idea ever if you are asthmatic, suffer from chronic knee pain, or recover from a sports injury. 

However, anyone can engage in biking’s pleasurable activity by leveraging the power assist from an e-bike. It doesn’t matter how unfit or old you are; you can ride for long distances at a speed of up to 5mph, explore the great outdoors, tackle terrains that you can’t tackle on a conventional bike, and indulge in all sorts of fun. 

If you have a regular bike with fat tires, you can convert it to an e-bike using a motorized bicycle conversion kit, use it to trek through the snow, ride on muddy terrain, and have fun rides along sandy beaches.

  •     They help us save money.

 Think about all the money you spend on your car, from gas money, parking fees, car maintenance to licenses. Think of the subway or bus fares you pay every month. Think of the Uber rides you take in a month. Now imagine how much money you could save by swapping outdrives, rideshares, and public transit for e-bike rides. The only expense that comes with e-bikes is replacing batteries once in a while. Besides, e-bikes are affordable to buy, and you can even make one from a regular bike using a motorized bicycle conversion kit.

  •     They are a ticket to independence.

 Senior citizens can now run their errands independently without relying on cars. They don’t need any licenses to ride bikes because, technically, e-bikes are just bikes.  These bikes also help senior citizens to fight Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, among other health conditions.

  •     E-bikes are revolutionizing commute.

We all want to show up to work on time and as fresh as a daisy. The idea of a standard bike commute, sweaty face, and armpits isn’t appealing at all. It gets worse when a bike can’t do more than 3mph, so you end up spending 2 hours for a 5-mile commute. That is why many people opt to drive to work. But e-bikes are rewriting this story. For starters, an e-bike can do up to 5mph on most city roads. Due to traffic jams, standard cars do about 7mph in major cities. Quick calculations will show you that an e-bike is almost as effective as a car regarding shaving time off your ride. Secondly, the pedal-assist makes e-bikes effortless to ride, and that eliminates the problem of sweaty armpits. 

  •     Revolutionizing delivery services

These vessels are more than mere micro-mobility vehicles. E-bikes allow you to install accessories like baskets, among other utility modifications, so that you can make Target runs and run most errands as you explore and exercise around your neighborhood. Their frames are also sturdy enough to bear standard-weighted loads. They are better than scooters in matters of courier services and food delivery.

  •     Saving the planet

We are living in a time when the health of the earth is dependent on humans making smart choices, especially in regards to transportation. Automobiles are among the biggest contributors to carbon emissions and other environment-degrading pollutants. Switching your car ride for an e-bike, therefore, can slash your carbon footprint significantly.


Electric bikes are a critical part of the future of urban transport. They provide commuters, fitness enthusiasts, and recreationists with unbelievable benefits that standard bikes couldn’t offer. It is now up to you to reap those benefits!

How Have Electric Bikes Transformed Our Lives

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