How Google Search Console can Help You Attract More Clients to Your Physical Therapy Clinic’s Website

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How Google Search Console can Help You Attract More Clients to Your Physical Therapy Clinic's Website

You have gone to the trouble of creating a physical therapy clinic website that is attractive, user-friendly, and full of useful information. Yet, without a good search engine optimization (SEO) plan, your site could remain largely unseen.

Google Search Console (GSC) provides tools that allow you to track people’s paths, from initiating a search to finding your website. It analyzes the effectiveness of keywords and helps you determine the best ways to draw in new visitors. With the tips provided here, you can use GSC to increase web traffic to your site.

Understand Your Analytics

GSC gathers data to help you understand things like:

  • The physical therapy-related keywords and phrases that users enter in searches
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR): the frequency of link clicks for your website
  • Your most popular articles/blog entries and the types of people who liked them

GSC collects information called Core Web Vitals. These reflect things like:

  • The safety level of your website. As a medical practitioner, you must abide by HIPAA laws and take measures to avoid data breaches.
  • The number of popups on your site. These have the potential to slow down your website speed and create a negative experience for visitors.
  • Mobile usability, which reflects the way web pages display on mobile devices.

With this data, GSC compiles a Web Experience Score to help you understand what your user experience is like. This can help you to fix issues and convert more browsers into clients.  

Increase Your Ranking in GSC

Google does three things with the information it gathers about your website. Those actions are referred to as:

  • Crawling
  • Indexing
  • Ranking

It is essential to optimize your PT clinic’s content so that when Google crawls the web, your information will be properly categorized (indexed) and ranked highly.

1. Use the Right Keywords and Phrases

Check the “Performance” section of your GSC to find already popular keywords and phrases that are relevant to your PT clinic’s content. Research them, and also list other words and phrases that are like them.

Use these keywords in headings, article titles, and ad copy throughout your new content. This will make it easier for Google to recognize the information on your site as relevant to PT searches, increasing your CTR.

2. Fix Site Indexing Problems

Since Google indexes the individual pages of your site separately, you need to know how many of them have been indexed to get a clearer picture of how much of your information the search engine is making available. If you have a large enough site, the Index Coverage Report will help you.

Located in GSC’s “Coverage” section, the Index Coverage report will tell you how many of your pages are indexed and explain why certain ones may not be. You can even search for individual pages by inserting their URLs into Google’s search bar in the following manner: “site:(your URL)” –without the “www,” “http://,” or “https://.” Once entered, Google will show you each page that has been indexed as a separate result. 

If your site is not large enough to have an Index Coverage report, you can select the “URL Inspection” button to evaluate your pages. Some common indexing problems include:

  • Your website is so new that Google has not yet crawled it
  • You have not yet produced enough content
  • You have submitted a “Noindex” request for a page to remain private
  • Crawl issues resulting from improperly loaded files or images are slowing down your site
  • Server errors

Make Searching Your Site Easy

Google aims to provide people with the highest quality information to meet their needs. When you understand what your potential clients want, you can create news and information that benefit them the most. Search engine algorithms will pick up on this and recognize you as a primary source of PT clients’ information.

For help understanding  SEO for your PT clinic and implementing your GSC strategy, contact Clever Solution. Our team of SEO experts can assist you with creating a stellar website that gives visitors a satisfying experience and helps you build your practice.

How Google Search Console can Help You Attract More Clients to Your Physical Therapy Clinic’s Website


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