How Google My Business Can Impact Your Rankings

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How Google My Business Can Impact Your Rankings

Do you know that if you don’t maintain your Google My Business page and optimize it adequately, it may impact your SEO ranking? Therefore, if you have a website or serve your valuable services online, it is crucial constantly to monitor the search engine ranking. 

The same thing applies to the dentist’s website too. Most dentist clinics run their business website to achieve customers, and they practice many tricks and tactics to be on the top of search engines. Out of all practices, Google My Business is also the best SEO practice that can impact the search engine ranking. 

It’s not about just listing your services; instead, it is all about achieving the organic flow of customers and higher ranking. Hence, it is crucial to optimize your Google My Business profile. There are tons of features in Google My Business that can impact your ranking, so here we will list a few of them. 

  • Categories 

Categories are the first field that can impact the SEO for dentists, and picking the category can make or break your business. So, the biggest challenge is to pick up the correct categories that can help you rank better. Then, if you picked the right category, you could rank your website on the top. 

Google has listed new categories related to the dentist, out of which dental implants are one such category. Therefore, you need to choose the category wisely and update your page to have SEO for a dentist

  • Accurate Listing 

Many dentists and small businesses think that Google My Business is just for listing the website and working hour details such as telephone number, address, business overview, business hours, products, and services. However, an incorrect listing of your business can have a significant impact on dentist SEO

Hence, be sure to list all the things accurately in your business. Also, do not forget to add the relevant keywords that can help in optimizing your Google My Business page. It may look annoying, but you have to provide accurate details so that patients can easily find you on the Google page and take your services. 

  • Reviews for SEO Performance 

Reviews can also impact the Google My Business and SEO ranking. For example, the dentist website or GMB Page with many reviews will likely rank better on the local searches and Google maps. This is because Google uses the data of the reviews to shortlist the relevant sites. Therefore, the relevancy is decided based on the positive and negative reviews. 

Reviews themselves have the keywords, which in turn help to improve the dentist SEO. Therefore, if you are not paying concern about the reviews, then it may impact your ranking. Optimize your site properly by a digital marketing agency, and you can ask your customers to add reviews on your Google My Business and website. 

You can even ask them how they like your services and clinic environment. This, in turn, helps the businesses to achieve better reviews which can help them rank better. 

  • Business Description 

You must be surprised to know that the business description can impact your ranking, especially local search rankings. Therefore, you need to update constantly and add relevant keywords that help rank your page better and make it local search engine friendly. 

Dentist websites can describe their services and the type of treatment they use to treat the patients. Also, do not forget to add your business name accurately in your business description, and try to choose those keywords that specifically target your patients. 

The critical takeaway is to add the relevant information and provide accurate details to the customers. In turn, this creates a big impact on your business and helps you achieve a better rank on the search engine. 

  • Maintain Profile for SEO

Google My Business profile accuracy also has a serious impact on the performance of the SEO. Google is always obsessed with accuracy and delivering relevant content, and some people are unaware of this fact and constantly provide irrelevant content. 

Instead of damaging the image, always maintain consistency and provide accurate information displayed on Google My Business. 

  • Don’t Forget the Local SEO

Attracting visitors from the locality plays a crucial role for the dentist, and this is because most of the consumers nearby you search on Google before deciding about the services. So, always target the local SEO keywords that help to rank your website and Google My Business


These are a few things that can impact your ranking on the search engine. Google My Business plays a crucial role in maintaining the website’s reputation and showing your worth. Hence, it would help if you listed everything accurately to get a better ranking. 

How Google My Business Can Impact Your Rankings