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How eCommerce SEO Is Going to Change in 2019

Digital marketing has taken E-Commerce business to another level. Today, you can shop, sell and buy anything and everything if your website has a good search engine ranking. The interesting part? Every year there are numerous SEO trends introduced to optimize the E-Commerce experience.

For instance, in 2018, the mobile search took over the desktop search. Almost every E-Commerce businesses/websites developed a user-friendly app for the ease of their clients. The business that did not match up the trends recorded a drop in their customer base.

So, if you are in E-Commerce business and aspire to be on the top of your game, you should prepare yourself to adapt to the upcoming SEO trends. With that said, we’ve have compiled a list of E-Commerce SEO trends 2019 that will surely prove beneficial for your business.

Ways E-Commerce SEO Is Going to Change in 2019

By focusing on your SEO, especially when 2018 is approaching the end, you’ll be a whole step ahead of your competitors. Also, you will be able to advance your website for both consumers and search engines. So, are you ready to know how E-Commerce SEO is going to change in 2019? Read along!

  1. Amazon Search Will be the New Google

Amazon, with the largest market share in the E-Commerce business, is now on the verge to dominate Google search for products. Since Google is chiefly a search engine, it is interesting to know what led to the change in this trend. And, the answer is simple; Amazon offers frictionless experiences to its customers across channels.

As per a survey, approximately 72% of consumers visit Amazon product discovery, product information and how to use the product. When asked, the participants stated, Amazon is a reliable source to verify information about any product. Thus, it will be wise to keep a close eye on Amazon’s strategies to ensure your business is ousted by it.

  1. Social Media Optimization (SMO) Will Play an Imperative Role in Organic Search

SMO and SEO are highly similar when it comes to E-Commerce industry as the purpose is to increase awareness and attract traffic for the website. In other words, you need a solid combination of SEO and SMO to boost your online presence. And, since content and SEO go hand-in-hand, it is vital to optimize your content to rank on search engines.

The catch is – higher the number of people talking liking, sharing, commenting, or re-tweeting about your website or brand, the better the authority of the website. Search engines like Google keep a close track on every mention of E-Commerce websites on the social media, thus leading to the organic result. So, if you can get your clients to share your tweet or Instagram post, it will certainly boost up your website traffic and authority.

  1. User Reviews Are Expected Hold A lot of Weight-age

In the E-Commerce industry, customer feedback and review hold a lot of value. According to statistics, 73% of the consumers make their purchase decisions based on the customer experience or peer-review. Also, search engines prioritize customer reviews over the product page itself, which directly influence the ranking.

Hence, if your product or E-commerce website has bundles of negative reviews, it is time to address them. As a matter of fact, the reviews from consumers help the search engines to determine your search page rankings. Therefore, it is advised to encourage your clients to share their valuable feedback so that your product pages show on the top of the search results.

  1. Inclination towards Website Security

According to Google Webmasters, SEO is the major reason why websites are hacked nowadays. The motive is to redirect naive users, link injection, and content injection to boost their search rankings. Often, the hackers add unacceptable links to the hacked sites to destroy their customer base and adversely affect the website ranking. That’s the reason; various websites are banned today.

When this problem came into notice of the search engines, their inclination towards website security increased. Today, many search engines have made SSL certification a mandatory ranking factor for the website. And, as websites with HTTPS are already protected by SSL Certificate, Google repays such websites with excellent rankings and better visibility on the search engine results page.

Thus, migrating your website from HTTP to HTTPS can prove to be a smart SEO move for E-Commerce websites.

  1. Voice Search Will Take Over Typo Searches

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is touching different tangents of our daily lives. From healthcare to the E-Commerce industry, it has transformed the way we used to perform a search on the internet. And, this transformation is going to affect the E-commerce SEO trends as well.

Google Home, Siri, Cortana, Alexa, etc. are perfect examples of AI. The intriguing part is – these voice search assistants will dominate the E-Commerce industry sooner than expected. In other words, instead of typically typing the product you are looking for, you can just use voice search. How it’s going to affect the SEO?

Well, if your website is optimized with long tail keywords, voice search will certainly boost your search engine ranking. For example, instead of typing Grey Women Jeans, customers can now be specific about their preference such as Grey Women Jeans under 20 Euros. Besides, not only this way customer finds exactly what they are looking for, but also it’s quick and easy.

  1. Clean and Simple Website Structure

Search engine ranking factors values website that offers excellent user experience. In fact, they rank those websites higher which acquire a simple, fast and highly responsive user interface. On the other hand, websites with perplexed design or poor content quality can expect to slip down on rankings and lose visitors too.

So, to avoid that, it is not only essential to optimize the content of your website, but also to present it in a proper structured format. Besides, with the increased usage of mobile web browsing, it is important to design the website in a format that is compatible with all Android and iOS platforms.

Imagine due to poor website layout the consumer doesn’t browse your website and return to the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). This will have a negative impact on your website ranking. Therefore, a user-friendly layout is highly important for ranking of the website.

So, as 2018 is approaching the end, it’s time buckle up your shoes and starts working for 2019. The above-mentioned E-Commerce SEO trends are intended to amplify the online business experience. Ensure that your business is well-prepared to meet the challenges and adapt to the transformations in order to succeed.

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How eCommerce SEO Is Going to Change in 2019

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