How eCommerce Photo Retouching Can Boost Sales
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How eCommerce Photo Retouching Can Boost Sales

If you are an eCommerce business owner or marketer, you need to understand the importance of product images for boosting CTR and conversion rates. That’s what the most prominent e-commerce websites, such as eBay, Etsy, or Amazon are doing. A good-quality photo is worth thousands of words. However, to achieve good quality, the photos need retouching. Blurred or unclear images featuring shadows, reflections, or blemishes will not attract anyone.

Here, we have collected the most obvious benefits of using photo retouching in e-commerce business. By considering them, you will improve your website and enhance sales.

Why Improve the Quality of Product Images

It does not matter how professional the photographer is and how perfect the lighting angle is. Even if your product photos are taken perfectly, they still need editing and retouching to look attractive to the site visitors.

People respond properly to something if they see its image. 50% of our brain perceives visual objects, and this is because t is performed very quickly – just in 1/10 of a second. Research shows that 60% of online customers will return if they see an attractive image of the product they want to buy because they can imagine it as a part of their life.

Very often, people confuse photo editing and retouching because they do not understand that their improved photos use different techniques. You should opt for retouching instead of editing. E-commerce photo editing is a quite simple process which involves resizing of images, changing colours and saturation, extending dimensions, and cutting away some unnecessary objects. Retouching deals with in-depth shades, sizes, colors, and shapes, leading to physically improved and corrected images. Adjusting the hair and skin of models, removing spots, wrinkles, and blemishes, smoothing rough edges are good examples of photo retouching.

These perfect product photos will influence potential customers’ behaviors alongside other factors, such as the affordable pricing, positive customer reviews, and brand credibility. Using e-commerce photos will support and enhance each aspect because clients will see that everything in the product meets their expectations.

Benefits of Photo Retouching for E-Commerce Businesses

Benefits of Photo Retouching for E-Commerce Businesses
Benefits of Photo Retouching for E-Commerce Businesses


Therefore, you can see that using product images and a reliable eCommerce photo editing service is one of the most essential online business strategies you should deal with to enhance the sales.

Let’s consider in detail what actual benefits this strategy provides.

Lowering the Bounce Rate

We are used to glamorous and high-quality images nowadays. Social media provides a lot of hi-res photos and we do not want to consider anything which does not look like that. If someone enters the website and sees a product photo that does not impress them, they quit it and never return to it again.

That is why you need to employ a well-qualified professional product photo editor to prevent customers’ bouncing your site immediately. Remember that there are a lot of beautiful images online and the competition is rather harsh.

Increasing the Page Time

When a potential customer finds your site in Google arch, the customers find images; if the photos are interesting enough, they will continue their research by considering the colors, textures, and minor details. It means the customer will stay on the page longer for more thorough investigation. Google will see the page’s time and know that the content is favorable on it. Further on, it will show your site on the first pages of its search engine. In addition, the longer the customer stays on the page, the more likely they will buy the product.

Boosting CTR

Everything described above leads to enhancing CRT. CTR stands for the clickthrough rate meaning that the number of clicks on the ad is divided by the times this ad is displayed. If individuals scroll the Google search and find the website they need, they are attracted by eye-catching images on the page. The customer is sure to remember the site and come back to it again after some time of further search to look more attentively at the title and description, the price, and details of the product. Those ads which feature the most beautiful pictures and reasonable prices will get more clicks, of course.

Building Up Credibility and Consistency

There are a lot of crooks and scams online. That is why customers nowadays look very attentively at websites and the product images they represent. The scamming sites are usually of bad quality, and the color background, image edges, shades, and shapes are poorly adjusted to the purpose of the ad. If potential customers see that everything is OK with the images, they will trust your site and offerings much more and will likely buy the product they need.

According to Research Labs, the immense impact of product images on building up trust is observed if:

  • product photos are of high quality;
  • listings with such photos generate a lot of sales;
  • listings with bigger photos and slideshows produce high conversion rates;
  • Those products supported by two or more images from different angles and more details are believed to be trustworthy and bought more often.

It is seen when a great expert is hired to retouch product photos. The polished look and consistency provide security and trust in customers. It is as important as the secure payment system and account data protection.

Reducing Return Rates

The statistics says that 30% of products bought online are returned and the most common reason for returning is that the product does not look like it is featured on the site. That can kill any small business, indeed. When the products are professionally retouched, they look natural and true-to-life. You can see perfect images on Amazon. They look very attractive, bright, and realistic, so why not take this as an example for your graphic design creation? You will be awarded the increase of non-returning sales but always returning customers.

Driving Store Conversion Rates

Conversion rates (CR) is one more parameter that is vitally important for your website’s smooth performance and representation in search engines. If customers can see the high-quality hi-res photos and zoom in for details, they will be happy to buy the product. As a result, you will get many new visitors and a lot of new and your conversions will beneficially grow.

Boosting Social Media Representation

Modern technology is a great means for online sales. Customers can buy products via online stores and Facebook or Instagram. As a result, many online business owners never bother creating their website for the online store but sell exclusively across social media.

It is quite a rewarding option because, as the statistics go, about 49% users aged from 18 to 29 buy something due to social media ads.

According to Forbes, by 2021, 72% of buyers will have had a positive experience while buying something on social media, and they are going to recommend the brand to their friends.

All you need here is to launch your marketing campaign supported by product images. To retouch product photos for this purpose is a must.

Increasing Brand Recognition

Product images taken and retouched in a particular and unique way usually contribute much to enhancing brand recognition. If you look at such famous online companies, as Everlane or Sezane, you will see that all their photos are presented following the same style, with the similar patterns, dimensions, and saturation.

Naturally, customers will go to such recognizable websites as soon as they spot them online. Your sales will grow if you develop a personalized style for all your images. E-commerce photo editing and retouching will help make the brand of your online store more recognizable.

Final Thoughts

All the benefits of professional eCommerce photo retouching will add a lot to boosting sales. Everybody who has understood this straightforward idea is going to be successful. Set up your online business with this concept in mind.

How eCommerce Photo Retouching Can Boost Sales

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