How Does Video Technology Help in Building Social Communities?

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Social media plays a pivotal role in the development of social communities. Many social media app development companies are doing their best to build highly-engaging social media apps that keep users hooked to the apps for long hours and connect them with their near and dear ones with a few clicks. Other than social media apps, online video games have also proved to be an essential tool for building social communities.

Today’s young generation spends most of its time playing video games. Although video games are a source of fun and entertainment, these can significantly arouse strong feelings of anger, stress, and frustration. Parents often find their children feel these strong feelings while playing video games and consider this to be an adverse effect of the gameplay.

On the other hand, many child psychiatrists say that dealing with such strong emotions while playing video games can help them cope up with frustrating situations in real life in a better way. Thus, playing videos can help children to learn valuable emotional lessons that can be applied to real-world problems.

According to a survey conducted by the Entertainment Software Association, it was found that 70% of parents said video games have a positive impact on their children’s health and act as a vent to release emotions. If video games taught the children to deal with their emotional issues, it would have a positive impact on their friendships and social skills.

How Online Gaming Leads to Community Development

How Online Gaming Leads to Community Development

It’d be wrong to say that the emergence of social media app development and gaming app development hurts the young generation. Well, social media and gaming apps also bring in several benefits for the youth.

Many psychologists say that there’s a good connection between sports and social ability. This is quite evident with the present day’s gaming consoles and digital world that enables two individuals from different countries or continents to connect even if they are miles apart.

Today, several games are played in concert with two or more players working together on a common mission. For instance, first-person shooting games like the Call of Duty includes online games in which multiple players work together to defeat an opponent. This type of online gaming requires communication with others using headsets so you can chat or talk with your team leader. Such online games allow users to engage in gameplay and, at the same time, form and strengthen bonds between two (or more), unknown friends.

According to the research by the American Psychological Association, 70% of athletes play sports with other people. Gamers love watching their friends play, be it online or through live streaming platforms, or computer-to-computer interactions. Watching or playing video games as a group helps users to relax, feel comfortable, and share. This highlights the social benefits of playing video games.

Several studies reveal that young sports players are more successful in areas of school involvement, family closeness, and building friendship networks. Such findings challenge the notion that video games isolate teenagers.

Furthermore, children who do not play videogames may be outside of the public loop as they will not be able to participate in the discussions of those games with their friends or play any the games on the playground. Therefore, apart from social media app development, online gaming apps to are an effective way to socialize with people, which leads to social community development.

The Emergence of Social Community with Video Technology

The Emergence of Social Community with Video Technology

It has been found that 70% of gamers play with friends, whether as opponents or teams. Online games like World War I open up virtual worlds and extensive computer-screen communities. Playing video games in groups can help you build your community if done equally.

Players can easily interact with local players or meet people from different countries or continents around the world. Multiplayer games enable teenagers to develop good friendship s with unknown people they meet online.

Video games are the most fun-filled and engaging way to connect with people around the world as well as develop community skills within ourselves. These games serve as an essential teaching tool for developing teamwork and boost team spirit as gamers have the option to work together to build relationships and build teams to work together.

Many online games often drive better results when players work together, encouraging players to build their community. Video games also allow players to take on the role of a leader, which requires excellent social abilities, team management, and teamwork to keep the team members happy. These skills are essential when you go to a foreign country, and you have to build and maintain friendships, especially in schools and workplaces. Researches show that playing videos, including violent video games, can also strengthen bonds between players. Players can have arguments in the game, but this can result in building true friendship as they work together and share information.


So, these are some of the ways how online gaming apps can provide the opportunity to connect with unknown people from different continents, no matter where they are sitting. Social media and online gaming both have indeed played significant roles in the emergence of social communities, helping people to connect and communicate remotely. These apps serve as a platform for people to release their emotions, express their views, build teamwork and leadership, strengthen friendships, and deal with real-life situations in a better way.

All these reasons are enough to prove the success of social media app development companies worldwide. If you’re ready to build a social media app or a gaming app, reach out to a professional mobile app development company, and they’ll get you a highly-engaging and feature-rich social media or gaming apps for today’s tech-savvy generation.

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How Does Video Technology Help in Building Social Communities?

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