How Does Local SEO Work?

How Does Local SEO Work?

You’ve likely heard of search engine optimization, a strategy designed to boost your website’s visibility on search engines by using a mix of content, technical, and user experience strategies. What you may not be familiar with, though, is local SEO. Local search engine optimization applies the same strategy behind generic SEO, just on a local level. Let’s talk a bit more about what this means.

How Does Local SEO Work?

Over the last few years, searches with the words “near me” have grown 150% faster than searches without those words, according to Google’s data. So the intent to find local businesses is there: These businesses have to leverage this intent to show customers they exist.

This is where local SEO comes in. It’s designed to attract local customers to a local business through standard SEO practices like optimizing your website function and local strategies. We’ll explain a few of these strategies in the next section.

Local Search Engine Optimization Methods

Google Business Profile

Local Search Engine Optimization Methods
Local Search Engine Optimization Methods

Your Google Business Profile will appear on the right side of the search engine result’s pages anytime someone searches your business name or something similar to it. So, over time, your business can appear as one of the top results for the industry in general. So, for example, your contracting company could be the top result for people looking up contractors in the area, even if they don’t search you by name.

And because Google has a search engine share of more than 85%, a strong presence on Google can transform your brand awareness.

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Local Link Building

Local Link Building
Local Link Building

Link building is the practice of building credibility and momentum for your website through its appearance on other websites. For instance, link building happens when a famous blogger references her favorite travel agent and links to this travel agent on her website.

However, you don’t need exposure from someone well-known to benefit from local link building. We recommend starting by reaching out to a few local online business directories. You could also build relationships with other small businesses who may reference your services, like a family lawyer who may include a link for his go-to divorce accountant on his website.

Optimizing Your Website for Local Searches

Search engines recommend your website based on its content best fits the search query. Often, this is done by using keywords, which are words included in the search that appear in your website content. Please take advantage of local keywords by having them in the text of your website’s blog posts and landing pages.

Why Is It Effective?

You’ll benefit the most from local search engine optimization if you’re a small business. That’s because you’ll be maximizing your SEO spend on an audience that is the most likely to use your services in the first place.

Don’t miss out on one of the most effective marketing tools for your small or local business. Including a few local strategies into your SEO repertoire will give you the boost you need to outshine competitors and strengthen your role in the community.

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