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How does Email Marketing help your Small Business?

You can do digital marketing in many ways. But the most simple yet dynamic ways is through email marketing.

Promoting your products or services through email is called email marketing. You can develop a better relationship with your customers or clients through email marketing.

Why should you choose Email from other Marketing Strategies?

Email is not dead but is changing for the better. By 2019, there will be more than 3.8 billion email users worldwide. At present, almost half of the world population is using email. By 2022, there will be about 4.2 billion email users.

72% of consumers prefer email as the means of communication with companies they do business with. 70% of consumers prefer email as the choicest of channels to receive commercial messages. Email marketing messages have influenced 66% of consumers to make a purchase online.

Email is the most economical way to do marketing campaigns. Compared to other marketing channels email marketing captures more attention. It drives more sales and revenue.

Scope of Small Businesses in India

The scope of small businesses in India extends across three sectors. They are manufacturing industries, services industries, and trading industries. Small-scale industries substantially contribute to the economic development of India.

Small businesses can optimally use email marketing to leverage their profit scale.

Email Marketing Benefits for Small Businesses

Email Marketing is Easy To Use

Email marketing has the most easy-to-do tactics. Running an email marketing campaign is easy. Product offers and promotions can be easily done through email.

It Saves Your Budget

It cuts your printing and postal charges. Special offers, promotions, and reminders for your customers can be sent through emails. You need not print them in the form of brochures etc..

Usually, emails are created in the form of blank templates. All you need to do is to populate the template to use it. You can also design a custom newsletter template and use it as and when needed.

Can Send more Personalized Messages

Email marketing has a unique advantage. You can speak to your customers in a more personalized and intimate way. This is impossible with other marketing channels and avenues.

Personalized messages make your customers more thrilled and feel highly esteemed.

Emails Increase Your Brand Awareness

With email marketing, you can build your brand awareness. Your emails will contain your logo, tagline, color palette, and brand graphics. Recurrence of such brand-laden emails will popularize your brand.

Emails help Retaining Customers

Sending right emails to customers regularly will earn some purchases for you. Retail professionals mainly depend on email marketing to retain customers. Consistent emails can be sent to retain customers.

Emails make Measuring Easy

With email marketing platforms like MailChimp, you can track and evaluate key metrics. You can measure metrics like bounce rates, click rates etc.. Such analysis gives you vital details on the behaviors and interests of your customers.

Email Marketing offers remarkable Return On Investment (ROI)

Your cost-effectiveness is evaluated in terms of ROI. Email marketing helps in gaining more ROI. Small businesses should use email marketing to achieve more profit with a less budget. B2B marketers opine that email marketing is the most effective channel for revenue generation.

Emails help you to Hit at your Target Audience

With email marketing, you can segment your audience and create tailored campaigns. You can send targeted emails based on demographic information like state or time zone. You can send emails to the most engaged portion of your audience.

Email Marketing helps Educate your Current Clients

Your email newsletters will inform the clients about the current happenings in your business. Such regular updates can make businesses hire you or buy from you.

Email Marketing Attracts New Opportunities

Users of email are increasing day by day. About 105 billion emails are sent every day. So, publishing through emails can bring new strategic partnerships, joint ventures, media interviews, speaking engagements and more.

Emails create new streams of income

With the help of newsletters, you can recommend the products of your affiliates. Products sold through your recommendations will earn you commissions. You can also recommend a product that you have used to your email subscribers. This will also help you earn commissions.

Emails can be used to Profile your own Industry Intelligence

Your newsletter may have published many articles on a particular subject. You can publish an ebook, whitepaper or guide on that particular topic for content marketing.

The topic-specific contents can be sold as an information product or as an opt-in gift.

Email Marketing Automation

Automated emails can be periodically sent to your customers or clients. It is sent to the right customers at the right time. Most of the businesses use some form of email automation.

Automation helps you to get more personal with customers. A better impact is created by segmenting emails through automation. It helps you to sync up with a customer’s purchase cycle. Automated emails also help your leads stay engaged with drip emails.

Email Marketing Helps you to easily Target Mobile Phone Customers

Most of the customers today use their mobile phones for internet purposes. Reading and sending emails is one of the most popular activities of smartphone users. This makes email marketing a better tactic.

Unlike investing in an app or SMS marketing you need not heavily invest in email marketing. Email marketing doesn’t need any new technology or software to operate. Email marketing even allows you to reach users of tablets.

Emails can easily Integrate with other Marketing Tactics

You can create marketing emails to meet a variety of marketing goals. You can also use emails to support a number of other campaigns. For example, you can integrate email marketing with social media marketing. You can also increase your social media audience with social share buttons and CTAs attached to your emails.

Email Marketing helps you to Increase Donations

Fundraising efforts have found to be more effective through online means. This outreach effort will be more effective when done through emails. Emails help with fundraising. Small businesses can find substantial results through email fundraising.

Email Helps you to Start your Business Quickly

You may be a fresher in digital marketing. You really may not know ways to effectively contact your customers. With email marketing tools like Constant Contact, you can do effective email marketing. You can also run effective marketing campaigns.

With Emails, you can get Immediate Results

With emails, you almost get immediately notified for all of your actions. The actions may be your sales details, order lists or appointments. With emails, you get replies swiftly, then and there. This aspect comes very handy for small businesses.

We have run through a slew of email marketing benefits. Ramsay Leimenstoll says, “A small list that wants exactly what you’re offering is better than a bigger list that isn’t committed”. This what email marketing is all about. Go for it and reap amazing profits and results.

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How does Email Marketing help your Small Business?

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