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How Does CSR and PR Go Hand in Hand for an Effective Communication Strategy?

Public Relations or PR has become an indispensable part of businesses as well as governments over the past few years. Without an effective public relations agency or professional, it is really difficult to create a positive brand image among the masses in relation to your products or policies.


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On the other hand, when it comes to CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility, each company has to give in or owes a self-stipulated amount of service towards the society in any way possible. CSR is thus the company’s initiative to work towards the greater good and is a mandatory task for every company to take up. It may seem that both these entities are separate, but can go hand in hand for effective communication of a business or company.

What Does Public Relations Entail?

Public relations In India is essentially a planned communication process that a company or government follows, which can be both internal or within the company, or external or among the masses. This communication specializes in creating and maintaining a positive brand image. It propagates the company’s plus points to the target audience.

The functions of PR include publicizing editorial content across various mediums in order to create an image for the brand among the audiences and to promote its initiatives. The most important aspect for any effective Public Relations agency is building the trust that audiences have on the product, service, company, or organization.

What Does CSR Entail?

Corporate Social responsibility is essentially the responsibility of a company in being aware of the exploitation surroundings and resources that it is connected with. Be it environment, society, human rights, or economy, the company must work ethically and harmoniously.

Companies perform a range of activities including some that can aid or fulfill social and economic goals or even some that enable them to reduce the negative impact that has been caused on the environment.

Where Do The Two Meet?

In order to be more open about their activities, several employees and audiences expect them to engage in positive and effective CSR so that the company can prove its credibility. In order to use CSR for good public relations and communication, they must go hand in hand and here’s why.


If the CSR that a company takes up is conveyed effectively to the masses, it enhances the positive image of the company by giving it a picture of being credible and transparent. This process, in turn, builds a strong trust among the target audiences as well as the employees of the company or the government. Trust, as we know, is the cornerstone of any company’s public relations marvel. It must be maintained and elevated at any cost.

Competitive Upper hand

Promoting a company’s CSR initiatives via public relations gives it an advantage over other businesses in terms of being more visible in the public eye. Once the positive scope of work is portrayed via editorial content to the masses, their trust in the company can build up effectively.

Brand Awareness

The more the company is in the public eye; the better it is to create an image for the company so that the people can pick it over others. With effective PR relating to a company’s CSR initiative, a lot of people can resort to relating with the company and retaining the brand in their memory for quite some time, hence enabling them to choose the brand time and again.

It is thus extremely important for companies to have CSR and public relations in India going parallel and complementing each other for the most effective communication to be portrayed to the masses.

About Ashly William:

Ashly William is a freelance writer, with years of experience, creating content for varied online portals. Her content is published on many national and international publications. She has expertise in writing about business services & marketing.

How Does CSR and PR Go Hand in Hand for an Effective Communication Strategy?

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