How Do You Create the Best B2B eCommerce Platform for Omnichannel Sales?

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How Do You Create the Best B2B eCommerce Platform for Omnichannel Sales?

Tips To Create B2B E-Commerce Platform For Omnichannel Sales

Gone are the days when B2B buyers would happily settle down with fragmented digital experiences. Instead, in the current times when things are rapidly changing, B2B buyers anticipate an omni-channel experience where viewing product details, analyzing activities and easy return and exchange policies across all channels.

Such anticipations of B2B buyers have legitimate reasonings. An empirical study suggests that buyers exposed to omni-channel strategies are far more likely to remain loyal and proactive than their counterparts. Due to the superb omni-channel capabilities of suppliers, buyers are ready to do re-purchases from the same supplier over and over again.

Below are a few fundamental tips to create a B2B E-Commerce platform for omnichannel sales. Read further.

#1 Have a cross –channel strategy in place

E-Commerce experts reckon that all companies must create and maintain a distinct omni-channel strategy in place. To have those strategies working effectively, you will need all the company departments working together.

Irrefutably the goals and objectives of omni-channel strategies should be communicated and comprehended by all company stakeholders. It is advisable to take it slowly and steadily in the beginning. Don’t get too over-excited and start implementing all strategies simultaneously. Be patient and wise.

#2 Learn from case studies

Generally speaking, the concept of omnichannel sales is fairly new, but there are already a few established companies implementing omni-channel sales in their strategies. Make sure you study these companies and their practices thoroughly.

Companies such as Disney, Virgin Atlantic, Bank of America, Starbucks, and Oasis are doing a fabulous job in making the lives of their customers as easy as possible with the help of their omni-channels.

#3 Creating a hassle-free experience

Merchants worldwide are trying to create a stress-free customer experience by keeping their omni-channel at its core. Intending to manage the complexities of their supply chain, e-commerce platforms such as Magento, with the help of Magento multivendor extensions, create an impressively personalized user experience suitable to meet specific business needs.

Employing the right e-commerce platform for building a strong omni-channel experience. If you haven’t already explored these e-commerce platforms, do it now to create a stress-free and cohesive experience with your buyers.

#4 Should deliver on time

Vendors demand transparency in their dealings, and by employing an omni-channel solution, all businesses can easily offer visibility to all their vendors across all channels. As a result, decision-making on pricing, sales, and inventory management will become easier and quicker.

#5 Providing mobile experience

In today’s age, it is vital to provide buyers with the option to buy through their mobile phones. The worth of mobiles has never been higher, with around 40 percent of B2B buyers using a mobile phone for their buying requirements. Ensure that you consider responsivity for design and functionality. It is unfortunate to see businesses perish as they fail to consider key aspects such as product search on mobile. While creating a B2B e-commerce platform for omni-channel sales, ensure that you provide an error-free mobile experience to your buyers.

In conclusion

Don’t confuse omni-channels with being a wavering trend; it is not. On the contrary, it is a buyer’s demand worldwide. Surveys have found that around 80 percent of B2B buyers would buy again from a supplier with cohesive omni-channel capabilities. Hence, adopt this trend and create a B2B e-commerce platform for omnichannel sales.


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How Do You Create the Best B2B eCommerce Platform for Omnichannel Sales?

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