How Digital Scanning Solutions are Helping the Air Travel Industry

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The dependence on finding contactless solutions to continue daily business operations has increased indefinitely during this COVID 19 pandemic that took over the world in 2020. Many businesses, especially the air travel industry, are finding new ways to automate operations that would typically require several people working on it and minimize the need for human contact in airports as much as possible. As passengers coming from different parts of the world can bring the virus and new strains of the coronavirus, they ensure safety while managing regular activities and maintaining social distance alongside it. Digital scanning solutions for air travel can help them achieve this goal by providing automation to their operations. 

Importance of Digital Solutions in the Airline Industry 

With the COVID 19 outbreak globally, the airline industry suffered drastic losses, which approximately sums up over $314 billion. Due to this annual revenue damage, the airline industry is rethinking all its strategies and optimizing its daily operations without incurring losses. To reduce human resources inside the airport and consequently prevent the spread of the virus, the airline industry is achieving new heights when incorporating digital solutions into their management.  Digital scanning solutions for air travel can automate airport operations and mitigate passenger traffic, thus reinforcing social distancing. 

Digital scanning solutions for air travel can help airports automate their actions such as plane checking, baggage claim, air travel booking, airport security, inventory control, and many more. Convenient Digital scanning solutions for air travel help the ground staff in their daily operations and air staff. 

How Digital Scanning Solutions are Being Implemented in Air Travel 

With Digital scanning solutions for air travel, everything, from the aircraft and airport maintenance and managing the inventory to checking ID proof and boarding pass and tracking baggage, has been automated and essentially simplified. Such contactless system integration helps ensure the safety of both the passengers and the airport staff members. Here are some ways how airports have already started implementing digital scanning solution in their activities: 

  • Check-Ins

Digital scanning solutions for air travel help them carry out much more simplified check-ins via either OCR scanning and QR code scanning. OCR scanning involves optical scanning of the documents such as boarding passes and ID proofs of the passengers through the scanners and then verifying them from a distance. OCR scanning enables professionals to verify the passenger’s documents without having to be physically near them. Another adopted method is QR code scanning. The airport staff can send a QR code beforehand, and on the boarding day, the passengers can show the QR code, and a smartphone can scan and verify it. This helps in operations contactless baggage check-ins and self-serving machines. 

  • Screening and Tracking Baggage

Another operation that has been automated through Digital scanning solutions for air travel in various airports is baggage screening and tracking. Scanners with RFID or Radio-frequency identification technology can show real-time data of the location of the baggage. Passengers can be notified with the help of an application about their luggage’s whereabouts and tell them the exact spot where they need to be present to pick up their baggage. 

  • Flight Crew and Ground Staff Communication

With the verification and screening of documents being done via scanners, they can immediately send the data to the flight crew system to maintain seamless communication and prevent manual checking. The onboarding process can go much quicker if the ground staff and the aircrew implement digital scanning solutions for air travel. 

  • Aircraft and Airport Maintenance 

Digital scanning solutions for air travel help automate document verification and support in maintaining the airport and its aircraft while predicting possible failures that might occur in the future. Such anticipation helps the air industry save their time and money, and most importantly, human lives. Scanning systems can collect and screen through all the collected data and then process detailed reports on the ongoing and possible problems. 

  • Inventory Management

Managing in-flight inventories with digital scanning solutions for air travel makes the whole process more accurate and faster. Data on the amount of food and beverages and other merchandise in the aircraft can be transferred to the ground and in-flight staff. If they notice a lack of inventories, they can immediately act towards it while keeping the departure time in mind. 

How are Digital Scanning Solutions Benefitting Airline Industries? 

The digital transformation of the air industry has led to various benefits. Customers are served quickly and with more accuracy, thus ensuring a better experience and better revenue. The check-in process is a very tedious activity at the airport. With digital scanners, this process can be faster as it eliminates the need for manual entry. Automation of operations has led to reduced staff and thus reduces cost. Digital scanning ensures error-free baggage tracking and screening and improves air safety for the passengers and the crew. 

This integration of digital solutions into daily operations will undoubtedly grow in the industry even long after the COVID situation is undermined.

Author Bio-Ritesh Patil is the co-founder of Mobisoft Infotech that helps startups and enterprises in mobile technology. He loves technology, especially mobile technology. He’s an avid blogger and writes on mobile applications. He works in a leading Xamarin development company with skilled Xamarin app developers that has developed innovative mobile applications across various fields such as Finance, Insurance, Health, Entertainment, Productivity, Social Causes, Education, and many more and has bagged numerous awards for the same.

How Digital Scanning Solutions are Helping the Air Travel Industry

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