How DevOps Streamlines Digital Marketing and Supports Innovation
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How DevOps Streamlines Digital Marketing and Supports Innovation

Each business has a unique structure that allows every individual to work and stay productive, and preferably to collaborate effectively with their colleagues. In turn, every department benefits from this organization, which allows the business to grow and thrive. Although every sector has its strategy to develop and grow, greater business-wide transparency and communication are advantages no brand can afford to neglect.

For instance, your marketers love ongoing research and getting to know your target demographic. That, however, is not the only way they can leverage knowledge to boost your success. Cross-departmental collaboration is something of a brand-builder, both internally and externally. This is where your DevOps team can help your marketers and the rest of your organization establish smarter goals and reach them with greater ease. Here’s how DevOps enables innovation and collaboration in every aspect of your business.

Brand consistency across the board

Developers will always do their best to deliver a superb product. However, flaws are expected, and developers are still eager to make changes and improve their work based on customer feedback, market fluctuations, trends, and forecasting.

On the other hand, marketers need to be able to keep their messaging in line with the core brand voice. If your marketers aren’t aware of any changes the DevOps team has made to your product or service, they won’t communicate that to your target demographic. One of the critical reasons communication among your different teams is essential is to ensure that the end product is excellent and that your customer’s expectations are met every time. Each employee communicates the same brand message to the customers.

Agility and feedback implementation

Any DevOps team’s workflow is a very fast-paced and agile one, but it’s rarely used in departments unrelated to the IT sector. Marketing teams can significantly benefit from working alongside DevOps experts to stay in the loop every time there’s a change in the product or service you’re offering and the methods they can use to market your brand.

Since no product or service is perfect from the get-go, and customers will reveal the issues they’re having reasonably soon, both developers and marketers should be able to use that feedback to transform the solution you’re offering as a business.

More effective business collaboration

Cross-departmental collaboration can be one of your company’s greatest assets. When separate sectors in your business don’t communicate regularly and don’t share their research, results, and experiences, they fail to recognize the potential of regular knowledge exchanges. On a grander scale, collaboration via the cloud and the same project management and CMS tools can enable employees to work and communicate in a streamlined environment.

Some companies don’t inherently have the infrastructure to support such a collaborative environment, so they rely on comprehensive DevOps services to automate various processes, migrate to the cloud, and implement the most appropriate communication tools. In such an environment, testing, feedback exchanges, and innovation are much easier to accomplish for all those involved.

Utilizing analytics and research

For an e-commerce business, numbers do tell a relevant tale. You can use data analytics to discover why you’re losing customers at a specific touchpoint during checkout, why a landing page isn’t delivering the expected results, or create a particular blog post that has become a perfect vessel for boosting sales of a single product. Once you know which strategy lets you reach your objectives, you can find more effective ways to work and deploy any solution you see fit.

Collaborating with the DevOps team puts the analytics into a new perspective. Their knowledge and the capacity for testing processes and the end product can be of great help to a marketing team. DevOps can collate data to showcase which aspects of the brand and the marketing need changing and to which strategies and campaigns the customers react with the highest level of satisfaction.

Building the right mindset

Typical marketing departments stick to known, tried, and tested processes and solutions to learn about their target market and your brand’s ideal customer. While these processes surely bring results, DevOps experts can elevate them to a new level of flexibility. Marketing strategies are usually very linear by nature, and they tend to have a specific set of steps that will take place to launch a campaign or measure results.

With a DevOps mindset, your marketers can learn how to implement that same strategy, but with the capacity to go back to the drawing board, test repeatedly, and refine their campaigns on the go. Content management with such a mindset can become far more flexible and easier for your marketers to improve quickly according to your target market’s expectations.

The agile nature of DevOps, paired with your marketing team’s creative spirit, can do wonders for your business and the rate at which you’re able to innovate and upgrade your services. It takes time to adapt and educate your employees to master the DevOps sector’s processes. Still, once you move towards this flexible, collaborative mindset, you’ll be able to leverage it across all of your departments. In time, you’ll not only have a super marketing team or a stellar DevOps crew, but a brilliant organization of like-minded individuals working towards the same goals, driven by the same principles.

How DevOps Streamlines Digital Marketing and Supports Innovation

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