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How the Website Design of Your Online Store Impacts Your Online Sales

The eCommerce industry is growing so speedily indeed. When it comes to letting grow the revenue faster, it needs to have an excellent web design. Ensure that good web design is being made possible following all aspects of your eCommerce business right from the logo, usability, appearance, and so on. Going with a poor design can truly kill your business.

Here, the most important aspects of eCommerce web design are being mentioned. Let us check it out in a detailed manner –

  • If Your Website Is Simple Navigation Oriented or Not –

Yes, it is indeed quite important. This factor cannot be ignored. Experts say that it is quite an important factor to pay needed attention to boost your online sales. The prospect should not have any problem navigating your web portal and getting the information you require. Talking about the entire purchase process require to be clear as well as easy to follow. If it is not considered, then the chances are high that customers will start giving up before the final step could be taken.

Organize content in an ideal way that can go highly logical intuitive. The best thing is that it must be straightforward in the context of your prospects to move from one stage to another one easily. You need to keep this information in your mind completely consistent as well as relevant all-around pages. It is time to ensure your website is completely mobile friendly so that your customers would love to be there. These days most consumers prefer to spend time on their mobile devices.

  • To Go With SEO –

And the next thing on the list is to go with SEO. You may not believe that your website design affects your users’ experience and leads to enhance SEO performance. Moreover, there is no doubt that Google always rewards high-quality sites. Your prospects will start going to bounce if they are not satisfied. Search Engine always pays attention to bringing any trend into notice and analyzing it according to the user experience. The best thing is that it will also keep your web portal low in SEO results. Experts say that if your web portal is lower in SERP, then the chances will be slimmer.

When it comes to online store website design, it is quite important to go creative and innovative. If your website is designed in an ideal way, it can bring more profit to you. Moreover, you will also be standing out among your competitors. Your customers would know you because of the way your website has been designed. And that is why SEO and website both need to be amalgamated in an ideal manner.

  • Get Your Customers Inspired Through Excellent Designs —

The fact cannot be ignored that usability is essential indeed. The actual design needs to be accurate. Your website should be designed in a way that inspires customers to take accurate action. It would be best if you achieved it by creating an ideal design, which resonates with your persona, and it must be consistent with your brand’s identity. It is time to go with a motto to prioritize that you would be catching your client’s attention following incredible choices of color schemes indeed. It also needs to consider that what is all about the white space versus text and graphics usages etc.

It sounds like such challenges, then services such as SITE123 can truly help to come up with a site quickly and too free. All you need to make sure that you need to go with their platform; you need to browse all through their styles and layouts. It is time to build your business along with SITE123.

  • Do Not Forget Your Website Load Speeds –

Your eCommerce business needs to as strong as your web portal. If visitors found your website quite slow and with a lethargic design, then your eCommerce site would not be performing well. They would not prefer to come on your website. They would be leaving your site as soon as possible. It means you will also be losing your clients.

It is said that 75% of internet users will truly make judgments regarding your business’s credibility based on their website looks. For example, if your site takes 4 seconds to get loaded, you would be losing 25% of your potential customers. What is the definition of effective web design? It consists of many factors, and the loading speed is one of them indeed. It should not be ignored at all.

  • Harness The Power Of The Landing Page –

If your eCommerce business is highly dedicated to achieving rapid growth, you need to make sure that it embraces the landing page. To put in simple words, a landing page is regarded being a web page particularly devoted to having a single product or offer. The traditional website homepage would not be that way much effective now. Here, it needs to make sure that the website has been highly designed so that a browser could be transformed into a customer.

It would be great if each marketing offer and product features a unique landing page on your web portal. You probably are considering landing pages in the context of specific target audiences. People who go-ahead to search regarding your product online would be landed on a specific webpage since they are specifically catered in the context of their needs and perspectives.

When it comes to design landing pages regarding your eCommerce website, it needs to keep in mind that all unwanted distractions have been eliminated. It would be better to impart a call to action. This way will truly help make it easy for the customers to accomplish the call to action going with a purchase.

  • Go With Quality Oriented Images –

Your site needs to be looked good, and it should have excellent images. Ensure that the images being used hold high quality so that they could be attractive to the customers. Whether you go ahead to put images or videos, they need to be excellent and outstanding.

Do not put many pop-ups since they start creating monotonous ones. Your visitors might not feel comfortable in the context of having so many pops all around the website. It is time to make your web portal look good and excellent. The best thing is that it also increases your sale in a good manner. Ensure that you keep this thing in your mind if going to get your website changed or redesigned.

Never underestimate the importance of eCommerce web design since it can play a major role to double your profit. Online platforms are completely brimmed with so many eCommerce stores, but how many of them are doing well in the context of competition. The importance of web design must not be ignored since it plays a major role in bringing more profit to you in business.

In The Last –

So, what are you waiting for? Get an expert hired to get your website design in the way you want so that your online sale could go to the next level.

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Ronak Meghani is a serial entrepreneur & eCommerce Consultant who has worked with small-medium-large companies. He is a co-founder of Magneto IT Solutions and has been closely working with eCommerce ventures since 2010. He has helped 200-plus international brands build/improve their online ventures in UI/UX, development, launching, revenue enhancement, marketing strategy, Magento development, eCommerce support, and much more, and 90% of ventures are generating outstanding revenue. He’s enthusiastic about start-ups, entrepreneurship, sports, home decor eCommerce solutions, automotive eCommerce, gems & jewelry eCommerce solutions, electronics eCommerce solutions, and all things marketing.

How Design Impacts Online Sales

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