How COVID and New Tech Normalized eCommerce

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2020 has been a transformative year for eCommerce. The increase of new technology and trends – such as Voice Assistants and mobile-purchasing – combined with the COVID

pandemic restrictions have meant that buying online has become normalized for many consumers who hadn’t considered it before.

One of the industries that highlight this best is food and drink shopping. Before the pandemic, 9% of shoppers use online outlets exclusively for their groceries – now 63% use them exclusively, with 86% of these saying that they will continue to do so after lifting COVID restrictions. With the ease of adding to a shopping list by calling out to an Alexa, these stats are hardly surprising.

Mobile shopping has continued growing over the last few years, and now more than half of all time spent on retail sites is through a mobile phone. For the moment, a lot of this time is spent browsing items rather than completing purchasing as more orders – costly items – are still made through desktop computers. But with more businesses focusing their websites on being optimized for mobile use, the future of purchasing will be through our smaller screens. It’s predicted, pre-pandemic, that mobile would make up 73% of eCommerce spending by the end of 2021. Post-pandemic, this will probably happen sooner.

For more stats and trends on global eCommerce in 2020, Website Builder Expert has put together a new infographic:

How COVID and New Tech Normalized eCommerce


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How COVID and New Tech Normalized eCommerce

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