How Content Marketing Benefits SAAS Companies
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How Content Marketing Benefits SAAS Companies

Benefits Of Content Marketing To SAAS Companies

Benefits Of Content Marketing To SAAS Companies
Benefits Of Content Marketing To SAAS Companies

The SaaS industry is worth approximately $172 billion (Gartner). With new SaaS companies stepping into the market every day, it will reach $400 billion by 2025.

Regardless of their product/service, there’s one thing common in all SaaS companies: all live in a universe of complex processes and highly technical jargon.

Breaking down their product’s benefits in simple, easily-to-understand terms remains a challenge— especially for non-technical prospects. They stop reading upon coming across technical jargon beyond their grasp.

That’s where content marketing can be a game-changer for any SaaS Company. This article will discuss how content marketing helps SaaS companies build credibility and grow their user base.

Content Marketing Builds Brand Awareness

Content Marketing Builds Brand Awareness
Content Marketing Builds Brand Awareness

Every start-up—whether a SaaS company, a fashion brand, or any other business— has to spend heavily on marketing to build brand awareness. And when we talk about the SaaS industry, the competition is fiercer than you think. You’ll be competing against the best of the best.

So to build brand awareness, you must leverage content marketing. Through it, you will inform your target customers that you offer the service they are looking for and how they can subscribe to it. Take the example of famous internet marketer “Neil Patel”; he built a giant brand, “Ubersuggest,” by producing informational videos and blog posts — each valuable offering insights.

For sure, it takes time if you take this route. But the effort is worth it. DemandMetric says content marketing is less expensive and produces more leads than paid advertising. The choice is yours; you can build brand awareness by spending thousands of dollars on a PPC campaign or get organic traffic and business with content marketing.

Valuable Content Builds Credibility

Oberlo shares that 88 percent of consumers think authenticity is important when choosing a brand for buying a product or service. The same is true for the SaaS industry. Since the SaaS industry features expensive and cheap products/services, building credibility is essential for sustainable growth.

And for it, there’s no other way around. You have to give free value to win your prospect’s confidence, so they eventually buy from you. Unfortunately, there’s a misconception that if a business starts producing educational content, it might give away its trading secrets. Don’t let this misconception stop you from going ahead, as it will not further your business but hinder its growth.

Create how-to tutorials, explainer videos, and anything that makes your product desirable and presents your brand as trustworthy. It would be best if you established your authority as an expert in your field to drive sales. When done right, your audience will go nowhere but buy only from you!

Content Gives Your Brand a Personality

Even in 2022, the famous marketing axiom that “people buy from people” stays true. Let’s face it; nobody wants to buy from robots —not even SaaS products. Whether it’s a fashion brand, a clothing brand, or a famous fast-food chain, each sounds like just another “human being” among us. That’s because the branding team devised a strategy to give the brand a unique voice.

The same should be the strategy for SaaS marketing. Sit down, create an ideal buyer persona, and think out who your ideal customers are, their desires, their needs, and the problems they face daily. Accordingly, give your SaaS brand a “personality,” a savior who is here to help them escape their predicament.

Gear your content towards a more relatable and approachable stance to show your customers who you are and why your product matters to them. When appropriate, don’t hesitate to pour in some emotions—even humor— to your content to keep your followers engaged.

Content Marketing Brings Organic Traffic

Traffic, traffic, and traffic! Doesn’t the whole online marketing game revolve around traffic? Especially for SaaS companies, the whole business is dependent on online sales/subscriptions. The essence of everything is traffic; if there’s no traffic, there won’t be any sales.

One of the biggest advantages of investing in content marketing is you get traffic. A well-crafted article—optimized against relevant search queries— can be a game-changer for your business.

Millions of queries are being searched on Google daily. If you answer the relevant questions of your prospects, not only will they come back to find more information and buy from you. 

So if you are a start-up with limited resources and want to get maximum traffic, content marketing is your way forward. Get in touch with a digital marketing agency Dubai and hand over your blog to them. Let them prepare content and generate leads for your business while you focus on the bottom line.

Final Words

Content marketing is a start-up’s most reasonable approach (in terms of money and results). But it should be done right. An Unauthentic piece of information shared on your website does more harm than good, so you are better off hiring a content agency for this all-important job. 

How Content Marketing Benefits SAAS Companies

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