How Chatbots Can Help Boost SEO of Your Website
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How Chatbots Can Help Boost SEO of Your Website

A chatbot is a piece of software integrated into websites to answer queries of visitors and engage them in a conversation. We can have a person do that too, but chatbots don’t ask for salaries or other benefits. They enable you to provide 24/7 customer service, whether you are available or not. This means you won’t miss any potential customers because you couldn’t reply on time. Above all, chatbots also play a part in improving the SEO of your website. Here I have shared four ways they can boost your SEO. 

SEO is All About User Experience

You can ask any SEO analyst, and he will tell you user experience is crucial for good SEO. Search engines use their complex algorithms to find and provide the best result to their users. No one would use Google if it couldn’t offer a fast and easy solution to every query. You need to focus on providing the best experience to the user instead of investing in tricks that work only temporarily. Chatbots are designed to enhance the user experience. They ensure your visitors don’t go to your competitors with a question in their minds.

Increase Dwell Time

In digital marketing, Dwell Time refers to the active time a visitor spends on a web page. It is also one of the ranking factors of the biggest search engine, Google. More dwell time indicates that the user has found something useful on your website. Chatbots can increase the dwell time of your website by engaging the visitor in conversation. 

It initiates conversation with a programmed sentence and uses artificial intelligence to answer every query of the user. When it reaches the point where it doesn’t understand the question, it either deflects the conversation or transfers it to a real person. This ensures that the visitor keeps busy for at least some time and also gets his questions answered, pushing him toward converting to a lead.

Direct User to Other Pages

Chatbots can also be designed to share links to other pages of the website when relevant. If a visitor asks about price, the bot can lead him to the Price page. This allows you to increase traffic on other pages. You can also control the buyer’s journey through sales funnel by redirecting him to different pages through the chatbot. They use machine learning algorithms and natural language processing to read the user’s intention and suggest suitable links to visit.

Gather Data for Next SEO Strategies

2020 and the coming years are entirely data-driven. Every professional and business make decisions based on the filtered data gathered from various sources. The chatbot will communicate and store data about the visitors. You already have access to information like the source and demographic of the visitors. A chatbot will give you the additional information that you couldn’t have collected without personally communicating. It helps you improve audience persona and create more effective SEO campaigns based on newly analyzed data. Better campaigns mean more traffic, leads, and customers.

How Chatbots Can Help Boost SEO of Your Website

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