How Can You Use Your Passion to Fuel a Successful eCommerce Business?

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How Can You Use Your Passion to Fuel a Successful eCommerce Business?

Use your Passion to Fuel a Successful E-Commerce Business

Many of us walk into work each day, do what we need to do to get through the shift, then leave uninspired. Yet, a recent study showed that 32% of people felt engaged with their work in 2015. What’s more, 17.2% reported being actively disengaged.

Those engaged with work are enthusiastic about what they do, are committed to their work, and are strongly connected to the company’s financial success. If you’re working in a career that doesn’t engage you, perhaps it’s time to think if there’s another way.

Turn your Hobby into an eCommerce Business.

Do you have a hobby that you’re genuinely passionate about? Do friends and family line up to purchase your hand-made products? Your favorite spare-time activity could hold the key to total career engagement if you choose to make the leap and start a business from your passion.

Thanks to the rise of technology, it’s now easier than ever to begin a new career by harnessing the power of the internet. Your passion can create a lucrative e-commerce business that would not have been possible a generation ago.

Of course, it’s not advised to throw in the towel at your current job before considering the transition carefully. However, when considering turning your passion into a career, some serious considerations to undertake.

Commit to your Craft

Of course, choosing to turn your craft into a career isn’t for the faint-hearted. So first, consider whether you’re OK with turning your leisure activity into a full-time business, full of late nights and the drudgery of exhaustion and emotional strain. If you’re only half-hearted about the craft and not genuinely passionate about it, then don’t attempt to make the change.

Do you have the right Attitude?

Having an entrepreneurial spirit is paramount to a successful e-commerce business. No one will drive the business forward for you. Ask yourself if you have these inherent skills;

  • Do I invest money wisely?
  • Am I a careful planner
  • Can I self-promote shamelessly?

Spot a gap in the market

Today it’s easier than ever to find what you want online. This is great for customers but makes it difficult for business owners to capture sales. You mustn’t just sell a product you’re passionate about; you must consider what the public is looking for. It’s very well selling items to your friends and family, but what can you offer the different public from what is already available?

A unique selling point (USP) is a factor that differentiates a product from its competitors, such as the lowest cost, the highest quality, or the first-ever product of its kind.

eCommerce Success Stories

One such company that has found online success thanks to their passion for the industry incorporated with a USP is McLaggan Smith Mugs, a family-run business on the shores of Loch Lomond heading towards the Scottish Highlands.

Sleepy villages are not known for massive commercial success; however, by marketing their products online, the brand has evolved into a successful e-commerce store with customers across the globe.

Thanks to its locally produced designs, the company is passionate about the ceramic industry and has carved a niche in the screen-printing world. Director Polly Smith stocks design by UK artists screen printed and fired in her local workshop. What’s more, the brand created custom mugs where customers can personalize any purchase with bespoke lettering.

MS Mugs have three USPs;

  • Locally crafted
  • Screen-printed by hand
  • Personalized

These selling points appeal to the needs of a cross-section of customers, which drives their e-commerce business.

Turn your Passion into a Career

Does your craft have something unique to offer customers? If so, it could be just the thing the world of e-commerce is missing and just the thing to take you away from the monotony of the 9-5.

There are no shortcuts, and it’s not an easy way to earn a living. However, with perseverance, passion, and drive, you could be on your way to a life-changing career move; by determining what consumers need and aligning that with your passion, you will be able to make the first steps in launching your e-commerce business.

How Can You Use Your Passion to Fuel a Successful eCommerce Business?

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