How Can You Protect Your Inventory During Transit and Storage?
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How Can You Protect Your Inventory During Transit and Storage?

eCommerce and home business owners will understand the need for an efficient storage system. The beginning of winter is an excellent time to evaluate your storage needs. It may be time to make your boxes more secure for the winter temperatures.

Your storage boxes should be protected by packaging. There is a reason behind storage; you may need the goods you keep in the future. Therefore the process is pointless if you are unwilling to invest in suitable materials.

Use The Best Materials for Packing

Look at storage as if it is an investment. If you want to keep your goods in the best shape, make sure you use the best materials available. Using second-hand boxes and material leaves a risk that they could break or burst while your storage is out of sight and mind.

Big Brown Box recommends heavy-duty moving boxes for storage as  “boxes that you could pick up from the local supermarket or shop may not be as durable and may be more susceptible to collapsing if they get damp or wet.”

In the long term, buying better boxes means that you will be able to keep your storage safe longer. The main benefit of using corrugated cardboard boxes is that they are made with flexible corners. Due to this flexibility, corrugated boxes can be collapsed and reused.

Protecting Your Packages with Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is a must-have for any eCommerce business. If your business is storing or selling fragile items, then bubble wrap will ensure that what is inside the box will get from A to B without it getting damaged.

There are different levels of bubble wrap strength. AirCap Bubble Wrap is used by eCommerce most businesses shipping their goods worldwide. Not only is Aircap long-lasting, but it will act as a barrier been your goods and the edge of your packages.

If your business needs to store equipment during a move, Aircap will efficiently protect your TV screens, computer towers, and monitors.

Sustainable Storage

Having suitable materials is the first step to storage success. The old saying, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it, comes to mind when suggesting cardboard packaging. As one of the most recycled materials globally, it will give your business a more sustainable edge that your customers will love.

If your business is conscious of its impact on the environment, cardboard is one of the best materials as it can be made from 100% recycled materials. Studies have shown that 83% of consumers worldwide say that it is important for businesses to construct environmentally friendly programs. When buying packaging for transit, this figure should also be kept in mind, as 22% of consumers would pay more for an environmentally friendly product.

It may take time for your business to perfect its packaging strategy. If you are trying to be more sustainable when packing for storage, try to condense how many boxes you will use. A top tip for storage packing is to use bigger boxes instead of lots of smaller ones. Bigger boxes can be kept safe with biodegradable loose fill chips.

Cardboard Box Packing Tips

Once you have finished packing, write the contents of each box on the side of it with a marker pen. Make sure that you write on the side of the box as you won’t be able to see the top and bottom of the boxes once they are stacked.

When you are stacking your boxes, try to do it strategically. For example, put the heaviest boxes underneath lighter parcels, creating a better foundation for your packages.

How Can You Protect Your Inventory During Transit and Storage?

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