How Can User Experience Make or Break Mobile Application Future

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The user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) of mobile apps can play decisive roles in shaping the future of mobile apps. The user experience that app users primarily regard as the critical factor for continuing with an app. When you inquire about creating an app, you need to consider user experience as a decisive aspect. So, your app needs to grow in user engagement and business; it is essential to prioritize the user experience. 

Let’s see what impact user experience design can have on an app.  

Bringing new users onboard 

A great app never fails to quickly grab the users’ attention and help them discover the benefits in particular contexts. However, while the app interface attracts attention, the app’s user experience goes further to encourage traction or user activities. This is why app development companies need to focus on onboarding experience with priority. 

How the app, after attracting attention, continues to pave the way for meaningful interactions is what is most important for any app project. How easily and quickly the users can understand the app design and navigation is what a great user experience is all about. 

Making a lasting first impression

For most app interfaces, the first impression always stays on as the lasting impression on the users. Therefore, UI/UX design plays a significant role in creating the first and instantly engaging impression.  

As soon as users land on an app, the impression should hook them instantly, motivating them to come back to the app frequently. A great app primarily gets frequent footfall if it’s users, thanks to the user interface and user experience. 

Making the way up to the featured list 

Very few apps in every app category make their way up to the featured list. Whether an app is worth being featured by Google Play Store or Apple App Store is primarily determined by the number of users who like the app and the ratings and reviews reflecting their preferences. 

To be liked and frequented by user footfalls, an app primarily needs to ensure ease of use, instant engagement, and easy fulfillment of the tasks and responsibilities. Therefore, if a superb UI/UX continues to bring more traction to an app, the app also enjoys more chances of being featured. 

Boosting loyalty 

Beautiful apps with smooth interfaces enjoy the patronage of more users and get continuous and steady footfall of users. Just think about the leading apps in every category and how they are used day in and day out by millions of users. They have a loyal user base. 

This is primarily possible because of the satisfactory user experience and the smooth and instantly engaging interface that puts all frictions at bay. The superior user experience works like a bonfire and makes an app viral. 

Time and cost-saving 

If you look at the vast majority of apps in the market, most of them need to spend a considerable sum of money and development time for regular app updates. Often these app updates are all about improving the app user experience and rectifying the glitches in the user journey or the app interface. 

By creating an instantly engaging interface and by offering a superior user experience, you can avoid frequent maintenance needs for the app in the future. An app developed with a smooth interface and excellent user experience can thus help to save considerable costs on maintenance and updates. 

Establishes the brand image

Successful apps with superior user experience become the emblems of their business brands. The rich interface and user experience quickly transfer an excellent impression on the business’s brand image and inspire more engagement and traction. 

On the other hand, a great user experience efficiently ensures frequent audience footfall and engagement with the app, and this further strengthens the brand image and helps spread the brand message far and wide. Thus, a great brand image in our digital era primarily starts with a superior user experience. 

Enhanced traffic and business conversion 

A great UI/UX design consistently keeps users engaged and makes them stay longer. When an app is designed splendidly, the users automatically get attracted and continue to keep visiting upon good use cases. This is how even a small business app, just because of a superior user experience, continues to get consistent traffic flow and business conversion. 

While making purchases from an e-commerce or mobile commerce store, a customer remains engaged when the browsing experience is smooth. As a result, the customer journey is easy to facilitate the purchase with the least effort. This is why the rate of unfinished purchases or cart abandonment is always high in stores with glitchy user interfaces or under-optimized customer journeys. 


User experience and user interface together make the most dominant factors for the success of mobile apps. Innovative app ideas and technologies amount to nothing if they do not produce a superior user experience. So naturally, the future of app development is intertwined with excellence in UI/UX design. 

How Can User Experience Make or Break Mobile Application Future

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