How Can Restaurants Benefit From Digital Comment Cards?

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How Can Restaurants Benefit From Digital Comment Cards?

Customer loyalty is essential for the profitable and sustainable growth of the restaurant business. All business entities have customers as their focal point and develop strategies to gain their trust. Therefore, learning why some customers love you is essential while others don’t form the heart of your business success.

How Can Restaurants Benefit From Digital Comment Cards?

So, how can your business venture walk on the success path? By using customer comments or feedback. Capturing their opinion is crucial for the survival of your business.

Customer Defection in Restaurants

You must surely be familiar with that a happy customer means happy businesses. Nevertheless, customer retention rates in many restaurants are abysmal. What can be the reason? Failure to address customer concerns, poor quality or unreliable service standards, and incompetent pricing. Irrespective of the reason, your customer has already defected and will possibly share their dissatisfaction on other media. Such online complaints will also affect your prospective customers’ perceptions. So, how can you overcome this problem? Digital restaurant comment cards can come to your aid.

Why Use Digital Comment Cards?

Physical comment cards are ineffective, damaging, and costly. They add no real value to your business. Here are some great reasons to go digital instead:

  • Timely Response: Digital restaurant comment cards offer real-time customer feedback information. This feature lets you focus on problem areas instantly and reduce customer frustration. You will no longer have to collect the cards and undergo the strain of analysis and errors. Timely responses to customer concerns will improve your brand’s reputation as well.
  • Swift Action: Traditional comment cards provide little information to take swift action. Your business may continue to lose revenue without understanding the cause. Digital cards, on the other hand, deliver feedback right to your doorstep. It allows you to correct your mistakes and offer a better customer experience.
  • Convenience: Can you imagine the inconvenience of having a traditional comment card? You can run out of stock, need a pencil or pen on hand, poorly structured questions that are difficult to comprehend, and whatnot! Such awkwardness will not convince your customer that their feedback will affect your business principles. Digital solutions are customer-centric, easy to use, and delivered on cell phones using voice, web, or SMS.
  • Less expensive: Restaurant comment cards will cost you for designs, print, postage, distribution, collection, analysis, and communication. However, you will spend money on things that will not guarantee accurate results. Comment cards help deliver precise data at a less expensive price than traditional cards. You will also have the flexibility to change questions and will be spared from the costs of reprinting and redesigning.

How Does It Work?

Restaurant comment cards are delivered to your customer’s mobile phone. The customer can then choose from multiple methods – SMS, smiley face feedback, or phone feedback to provide inputs. These opinions will be sent to a private dashboard created exclusively for your business.

This feature lets you keep track of the open issues, the staff assigned to the problem, the problem area, and the pace at which the issue is being handled. This real-time information will help you recover the customer before they defect. Moreover, you can even invite satisfied customers to share their opinions on social media.

Digital comment cards collect and store data from multiple sources in one large database. This database is functional 24/7. You can also benefit from the technology and expertise needed to structure your questions and make the answers more actionable.

Customer feedback will be of real value only when it can be actionable. Using digital comment cards for your restaurant business will help you save cost, gather relevant information, and process it effectively for business improvement.

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