How Can Marketing Teams Benefit from Text-to-Speech Voices?

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How Can Marketing Teams Benefit from Text-to-Speech Voices?

Consumers are getting more selective about their websites in today’s competitive business environment. Apart from updated content, they also give preference to accessibility and dynamic capabilities, which allows them to experience the website in numerous ways and on multiple devices.

Text-to-speech technology is an excellent way to address these challenges efficiently yet cost-effectively. With voice AI solutions, businesses can ensure that their websites, mobile apps, ebooks, etc., can have their voice.

In marketing specifically, the integration of natural text-to-speech tech holds great potential to offer businesses several advantages, including improved data collection, comprehensive customer profiling, and better data analysis. 

In this post, we explore voice AI technology in marketing and some of the key benefits of this technology to market teams.

What is Voice AI Technology?

Voice AI or text to speech voices is one of the rapidly evolving technology products best suited for businesses across genres and regions. It simplifies and automates business processes that otherwise require human intervention. 

With nearly 92.3% of smartphone users predicted to be using voice assistants by 2023, AI-powered voice technology holds the potential of changing the entire business landscape for good.

Benefits of Voice AI for Marketing Teams

Natural sounding text to speech voices empowers marketing teams in several different ways. To begin with, smart AI-based voice bots are a relatively novel technology that sparks user interest greatly and can subsequently be translated to the product.

Besides, most marketing-based businesses receive tons of data that possesses insightful and valuable information. An AI voice bot can assimilate this information with relative ease, and this data can then be used to improve both the product and marketing metrics.

Among some of the other ways natural text-to-speech voices can help marketing teams include:

a. Customization 

AI text-to-speech tools ensure an excellent yet easy way to reach a broader audience and create customized user experiences.

For instance, marketing and sales personnel can deliver videos to prospective clients to establish a connection and brief them on queries and complicated products or services.

The best part is that such videos are easy to process and customized to a specific prospect. Leveraging a text-to-speech voice tool, you can easily convert your script or home-recorded audio to professional voices that compliment your video. 

b. Good Quality of Voice-Overs

Irrespective of the type of business, marketing professionals always struggle to communicate with clients as a lot of people are more inclined to watch something with a good quality voice-over.

However, this issue is that it can be hard to find someone with a pleasant and clear voice. Further, creating a high-quality voice-over requires a lot of resources, including sophisticated recording equipment,  microphones, room acoustics, and software – something that most companies don’t have.

This is where AI voices win over human actors as these text-to-speech voices have excellent quality with a natural-sounding AI voice that reflects a brand professionally.

AI voices enable marketing teams to get a crisp, ultra-professional-sounding voice-over in just a few simple steps without requiring any professional recording studios.

c. Reduced Customer Care Cost

AI and Machine learning technology have taken the load off businesses that were previously operating on a manual workforce.

Text-to-speech voice technology can be instrumental in reducing the overall cost of appointing additional staff and training while also offering an opportunity for growth.

Further, marketing teams can use Voice AI to make their customer journey smooth and hassle-free. It allows them to offer frictionless support to customers, which ultimately leads to enhanced customer satisfaction and better brand loyalty. 

d. Improved End-User Experience

Marketing teams in any business often struggle with managing wait time or delayed resolutions that can soon lead to frustrated and dissatisfied customers. 

However, a voice AI can be of great use here as it can connect with multiple users simultaneously, thus reducing the wait time substantially and improving customer satisfaction.

Further, the technology can help seamlessly collect customer information and process the same to help marketing teams bring out better, more customized, and personalized suggestions. 

In Conclusion

Today’s business market is largely marketing/sales-oriented and demands a fast-paced lead generation and integration movement.

Voice AI technology can be a game-changer here as it can help marketing teams plan their campaigns efficiently, analyze their strategies, and better grasp their target audience.

There are many incredible ways to take advantage of voice AI in your marketing strategy. We have highlighted how you can use natural text-to-speech voices to improve customer experience and employee engagement while driving your marketing efforts.

How Can Marketing Teams Benefit from Text-to-Speech Voices?

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