How can HRIS software help your business in COVID-19
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How can HRIS software help your business in COVID-19

HRIS (human resources information system) software has been of great help to businesses ever since they were produced. The usage shifted over the eras from system to store data to being used for automating, then engagement, and now finally as all of them and as a system of intelligence. But the immense utility it has in the current unprecedented times is beyond comparison. As people are continuing to work from different geographical locations, there are many benefits that the HRIS software in India and across the globe have given to the organizations.

Let’s look at how it can help you as well!

  • It can engage your employees- Employees are working from different locations, and so they need something that keeps them engaged with the organization so that they do not feel disconnected. An intelligent HRMS can easily do it. There are features like HR posts, announcements, and gamification, Rewards and recognition policy and enabling functions for the same in that.
  • It can process payroll- Payroll processing for the HRs from homes seemed to be impossible till the time there was only on-premise HR software. However, on-cloud software is great in this situation and otherwise. So, every company must have on cloud HRIs software in India. Not only will it help in processing the payroll but also marking the attendance- everything online just like before! No requirement for manual attendance data and entry is there.
  • It can keep attendance data- The attendance data is something that must be annoying you the most during this phase. But, with HRIS software, this is not a concern. The vendors are even giving mobile app to make attendance marking from home easier. There is a geo attendance marking feature which has helped the companies in getting the right attendance data. In this feature, what happens is every employee’s location is approved, and then he or she can punch in or punch out to mark their attendance from that location.
  • It can keep track of expenses- In this time, even though most of the employees are working from home, some have also resumed their work, and so the costs are also to be maintained. For instance, when the sales team is out due to office work or the wi-fi charges are to be reimbursed by the office for a work from home employees, the HR software comes off as the best solution to keep a record of everything instant and online.
  • It can help recruit great employees- In this situation, it is becoming tough to hire people and so for online interviews and sourcing through social media sites, HR software is available. Some of them even have templates so that you don’t have to waste time writing descriptions. 

This is not just about it! The HRIS software in India or across the globe can help you in many more ways. All you have to do is decide to invest in one only after knowing what you need, taking demos, and not settling for any software.

How can HRIS software help your business in COVID-19

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