How Businesses Can Benefit from IoT Technology
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How Businesses Can Benefit from IoT Technology

Internet of Things or “IoT” has changed how everyday business operations happened a decade back. The convenience and quality it has brought to daily processes are the reasons behind its growing popularity. Industries like healthcare, manufacturing, shipping, and security have taken advantage of IoT. But, surprisingly, its use in everyday household tasks has made even the layman accustomed to the convenience.

IoT automation’s usage in everyday business has many advantages. Let’s discuss how it has become a crucial part of business systems.

What Does IoT Mean for Your Business?

IoT is the abbreviation of the Internet of Things. It can be defined as the name given to the network of devices that utilize internet connections to perform operations. They include speakers, smart sensors, and security systems and might also include heavy industrial machinery. They can be identified as the objects that use internet communication back and forth for specific functions.

As the technology replaced human hands, its cost, time, and efficiency benefits proved crucial for businesses. In IoT development solutions, equipment functions by collecting data on processes, behavior, and other conditions. Then, connected devices use this information to improvise, correct or produce the required output.

IoT solutions have tremendous potential for everyday business since data derived from internet communication can be processed to ease our routine lives.

How is IoT Beneficial for Business?

The IoT has become a crucial part of daily business operations. The size of your business doesn’t matter; integrating connected technologies has significant payoffs for almost every enterprise.
These smartly connected IoT devices can help you increase efficiency, agility, and scalability through automation and data.

The path a business chooses to integrate automation to its advantage is crucial. To streamline processes, maximize productivity, and execute specific goals, businesses need to comprehend data customized.

Whether it is AI or voice, for instance, the use of programs that send dictated replies to emails, the business and customer connection style has also changed through IoT.

IoT Statistics

  • In 2021, there were more than 10 billion active IoT devices.
  • It’s estimated that the number of active IoT devices will surpass 25.4 billion in 2030.
  • By 2025, there will be 152,200 IoT devices connecting to the internet per minute.
  • IoT solutions have the potential to generate $4-11 trillion in economic value by 2025.
  • 83% of organizations have improved their efficiency by introducing IoT technology.
  • It’s estimated that global IoT spending will total $15 trillion in the six years between 2019 and 2025.
  • The consumer IoT market is estimated to reach $142 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 17%.
  • 94% of retailers agree that the benefits of implementing IoT outweigh the risk.
  • The amount of data generated by IoT devices is expected to reach 73.1 ZB (zettabytes) by 2025.

Every day businesses can take advantage of the IoT in the following ways:

High Productivity

Firms can use IoT to get everyday tasks done and divert the earlier engaged human resources to more complex tasks that require personalized skills and thinking. This will also reduce the burden of human resource management, lower costs, and improve efficiency.

Big Data Management

Analyzing big data after collection is a daunting and crucial task for firms. IoT automation can assist in collecting this data and processing it to produce trend reports, performances, etc. These conclusive reports can form the basis for creating business strategies. These audits can sketch business growth from production and marketing to sales and advertising.

Operational Efficiency

IoT-enabled smart devices provide smoother daily operations for firms. These devices can be configured to achieve automated control over everyday tasks. These are widely used in production, shipping tracking systems, service management, etc. In addition, smart sensors are used in IoT to track manufacturing goods’ status.

Personalized Services

The Internet of things can assist firms in better understanding customers’ choices and preferences. For example, IoT devices collect data on a buyer’s purchase cycle: search, buying cart, and reviews. This data is utilized to create effective marketing strategies and deliver personalized services to every customer.

Workforce Management

Human resource management has become a lot easier with the IoT. Interconnected smart devices can assign tasks, monitor progress, and check the quality as per set standards. The IoT has provided even more connectivity for the remote workforce. It has enabled easy access to files and inventory, etc. This improves productivity as more tasks can be accomplished remotely.

Resource Management

Monitoring asset usage has been a challenge for firms. The automated IoT solutions help monitor and control resources with better efficiency. Resources like electricity and water can be monitored and protected from getting wasted.

Improved Communication

IoT has been very effective in managing firms’ inward and outward communication. The workforce can be interconnected through automated devices. Smart marketing campaigns created with the help of AI data can keep communication with clients alive. IoT solutions have provided flexibility and speed, e.g., the auto-responding emails and chatbots are not time-bound and deliver quick replies.

Cost and Downtime Savings

IoT solutions ease the managerial processes of different departments. As a consequence, the downtime period is also significantly reduced. Automation in manufacturing, shipping, and other services results in quick operations. The cost losses in maintaining quality, etc., are also reduced through IoT.

Improved Efficiency

AI provides for quicker and better quality production. Efficiency is directly proportional to time and costs. IoT solutions powered by AI provide standard quality in less time and save costs. Similarly, for workforce management, assigning tasks and quality control get smoother. Shipping gets convenient with automated solutions.

Better Work Safety

Safe working conditions are the priority of businesses. IoT solutions ensure safe working conditions during operations. This provides a better reputation for firms, winning them more investors. This also impacts the work environment’s positivity and builds trust amongst human resources.

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Did You Notice Everyday Usage of IoT

Traffic Management

IoT is widely utilized in road safety and traffic management services. For example, the cameras used for surveillance can be connected through IoT solutions to alert people in jams and activate authorities in case of mishaps. Law enforcement agencies also use this technology to control trespassers effectively.

Environment Control

The signboards, which are generally visible at crossroads, defining pollution levels in air and sound, are IoT. Devices collect air quality, water, sound, and soil quality data. This real-time data is processed for different organizations to work on improving the statistics.

Smart Cities

The concept of a smart city is very much dependent on IoT technology. A smart city system will process data on traffic, electricity, weather, law enforcement, etc. All are integrated to perform management tasks that will lead to the efficient administration of the locality.

Supply Chain Management

It won’t be wrong to say that the shipping industry has leveraged IoT the most. Devices like trackers, sensors, and GPS-enabled tools have dramatically reduced labor costs and human error margins. As a result, supply chains can now move much more conveniently. The movement of goods can be monitored; even the temperature control for heat-sensitive items can be managed through IoT.


The Internet and automation have revolutionized how business operations and services are executed. Everyday business is now smoother because of IoT solutions. This technology should be integrated as per the requirements to assist human hands and minds.

From manufacturing to delivery and everyday activities in healthcare, administration, finance, and household management have all reaped the benefits of IoT. The biggest advantage of the IoT has been its wide acceptance, even in the weaker sections of our society. The rate of the technical upgrade has empowered not just businesses but also the ‘not-so-technical’ layman. Let’s embrace it for a better future.

Author Bio: Nathan Smith is a Senior MEAN stack programmer by profession at TechnoScore, a leading web and app development company with a global reach. He has sound knowledge of all the latest technologies and trends imperative for delivering cutting-edge mobile applications that stand out.

How Businesses Can Benefit from IoT Technology

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