How Blogging Is the Easiest Method of Inbound Marketing
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How Blogging Is the Easiest Method of Inbound Marketing

The web promises that you can create, publish and sell anything. Yet, it can be daunting to do so when there’s such a crowded space – along with the fact that our attention spans are increasingly shortening.

A major question for any business owner who wants to get customers over the internet is a simple “how?”.

A good way to get customers online is doing inbound marketing through blogging.

This post will touch on what inbound marketing is, why blogging is the easiest and most effective form of it, and how you can do it today.

What Is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a strategy that aims to generate interest in your business directly by using content marketing. Content marketing is a process where information supplied via posts, articles, and more is used to engage the audience with the initial goal of persuading them into buying your product or service later on at some point.

Whereas outbound methods are related to people directly contacting you, inbound marketing is all about having the customer come to you.

Making good content is only half of inbound marketing, as the other side of it is figuring out how potential buyers can consume your content. This is where search engine optimization, or SEO, comes in.

Why Is Blogging the Easiest of Inbound Marketing?

As mentioned before, the most prominent method to perform inbound marketing is various forms of content marketing.

But what makes blogging the easiest form of inbound marketing is the effort it takes to make one article.

Let’s say you have an e-commerce site that sells jewelry and you’re looking for more customers to purchase your latest earrings. It would be best if you had more web users who’ve never interacted with your site to come to it so they can see the new product. You have a few options for creating content. Maybe you want to make a video of the new product? Yet that would cost hundreds and wouldn’t bring so much new content unless it went viral, which is hard to do if you aren’t lucky. The same applies to large-scale graphic designs.

This is where you can blog! So if you have a grammar checker like Grammarly and an hour to spare, you’re ready to go.

The same goes for graphic design such as Canva. But why is blogging better as an inbound marketing tool than, say, graphic design?

The reason is simple: SEO.

Google organizes their results based on types of content via “SERPs” – search engine results pages. Google has SERPs for everything: images, news, you name it. The SERP you’re most familiar with, though, and that’s the most popular, is the standard SERP that contains articles. This is because the Google search results page comes up first when you make a Google search, and they primarily show articles.

If you’re an enterprising jewelry e-commerce salesperson, what you can do is write articles targeting specific keywords having to do with buying the specific product you’re selling – so maybe “best diamond ring online” or something like that.

While you can optimize for SEO using videos and images, it’s going to be much harder to do. Not only does it require more effort to produce such media, but you’ll also get less traffic since Google’s number one SERP shows articles, not images or videos.

If you’re looking to blog for your business, all you need is three things: knowing what keywords your customers are searching for, writing content on those keywords, and a bit of persistence.

How Blogging Is the Easiest Method of Inbound Marketing

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