How Artificial Intelligence Can Revolutionize Mobile App Development

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How Artificial Intelligence Can Revolutionize Mobile App Development

If the ecosystem of mobile apps penetrates deeper, it will no doubt transform us beyond recognition. Since the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), it has had a significant impact on gadgets. Evaluating the future aspect, there would hardly be any mobile app developed without the procurement of Artificial Intelligence.

AI is far more than a single-facet technology. Being a multi-facet, it will impact a wide range of the population. From deep learning to process natural language, advanced machine learning, or advanced algorithms, Artificial Intelligence works on a different level, such as building new or unique apps and sometimes helps the user interact with the applications.

One would thank the self-learning application of Artificial Intelligence because it is escalating in all directions. For example, despite the structure, i.e., complex, most mobile apps and stacks of content are capable enough to engage the user easily by allowing the user to acquire intuitively.

Regardless of this trend, even if somebody goes ahead and develops a mobile app without Artificial Intelligence, it is 100% sure that it won’t have the ability to contend with AI-powered mobile apps. So let’s look at how Artificial Intelligence revolutionizes mobile app development.

Smart home gadgets incorporated with Artificial Intelligence.

Smart home devices and IOT have given mobile app development a big push. This is because AI can penetrate all walks of life. Thanks to smart gadgets, our screen is populated with Artificial Intelligence-powered apps. For example, suppose your smart alarm (AI-powered) learns about your sleeping patterns and accordingly would try to wake you up. Hence, the associated mobile application needs to incorporate a balanced level of AI. In this way, smart home gadgets are giving another push for your AI-integrated mobile apps.

Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant are some of the latest emergences of smart platforms (AI-powered). Siri, the smart platform, will learn from your pronunciation over time and gradually understand your speech and convert it into the text. Another applauded platform is Google Assistant, which will be integrated into the connected music application. The headphone will learn your patterns of listening to the music and then suggest music tracks that work the best for you.

From making coffee, Microwave ovens, switching on and off the lights. AI can work in almost anything. Besides automating the task at home, an AI-powered app will interact with the owners and make life easier.

Impact of AI on the businesses

The reason why Artificial Intelligence is adopted by many verticals:-

  • Improves the search result
  • Forecasts about the market

As for now, Artificial Intelligence has set a significant success for the bigger retail giants such as Amazon and eBay. It has proved to be an excellent potential for these businesses. Amazon Prime, the services introduced in AI, have allowed the platform Amazon Echo to venture close hands with the retail services and logistics.

So, why is the new-gen business so enthusiastic about developing AI-powered mobile apps? Does incorporating the smart interfaces and maneuver push the growth in the business?

Artificial Intelligence mimics human intelligence with the user data gathered and then deciphers it to continue developing a more valuable, better user interface and intuitive process. These days, businesses are using AI-powered mobile apps to outwit the competition. Many businesses are keen to use AI-powered applications to achieve engagement and traction in the smartest way possible.

AI ensures the personalized user experience and better beginning for the new generation, AI-powered retail delivery, and logistics. Hence, if you plan to start a retail store, grab this technology and implement it in your business. AI-based mobile applications are bound to burgeon and proliferate.

Use of Chatbot

AI-powered Chatbot is already used by businesses for customer service to answer all the customer’s queries. In a survey conducted, 80% of the companies are using AI-powered chatbots, and it is expected to increase in the year 2020.

Improvement in the UX with voice and image recognition

The voice and image recognition will allow the users to use the mobile application by just speaking instead of typing, making the process easier for the user to search the images. This will increase the number of users and target the conversion rate to go high. For example, you need to find a specific item; you need to speak instead of tapping.

Better security via Face detection

Face detection has already been used to unlock the phones and detect the license plates and confidential data. These days, developers plan to develop a credit card to pay the credits by identifying the card owner. Swiping the card won’t be necessary.

Machine Learning

Over some time, AI-powered mobile apps will learn the behavior and attributes of the user in different situations. Then, it responds according to the individual user.

Advanced algorithms

The advanced algorithms would be used in the application to decipher the user’s intents perfectly. It will analyze the inputs, user demographics, and user behavioral patterns.

Future of Artificial Intelligence-powered mobile apps

The growth in the mobile app-AI market will be attributed to the increase in demand for AI-capable processors, which can be used in the growing number of AI applications, a rise in cognitive computing, and mobile devices. Moreover, cheap AI chips for vision applications and cameras in mobile devices will increase the demand for edge-computing IOTs. It will thus give a huge opportunity to the players to sustain growth in the market.

Mobile app developers

Hire Mobile app developers as AI changes mobile app development in historic ways. Mobile app developers have an extensive understanding of automated learning. You will get numerous options to deploy the innovative code. They are creative and flexible. Hence they are proficient enough to change how mobile users access and collect information.

Final Note

Artificial Intelligence is an essential contributor to the mobile app industry. Artificial Intelligence has numerous benefits in mobile application development, and many more elements would come. AI would assist many companies in generating maximum revenues with user-friendly UI’s. So, stay updated, relevant, and ahead with the intelligent AI-powered apps that will expand your business to the inevitable levels.

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How Artificial Intelligence Can Revolutionize Mobile App Development

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