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One cannot ignore the importance of catchy logos and attractive visuals, and the current era is all about taking selfies, and videos are the king of all the content. If you are a graphic designer, I understand the pressure of making the best and attractive logo. But are you aware of the applications that can make graphic designing easier for you? Providing attractive visuals to your written content is a major time-consuming process, particularly when you do not know about the right applications to help you design better in a lesser time. Here, I would take advantage of Nursing Assignment Help and write about the applications that act as a life savior for me, as they have made graphic designing much easier for me. So why not you take advantage of it too?

  • Klex

If you are short on time and want to design attractive graphics, then trust me, Klex is the place you want to land on as it allows the use of customized pictures with stock vectors, images, and illustrations. You can further add the background and change the font if you wish your design to be more appealing.

The best part of this platform is that it allows you to mess with its provided options, and it is quite easier than the other conventional applications. The technology of Klex is similar to the other well-known graphic designing applications; however, the main purpose of this platform is to make the overall process easier for the user.

  • Pixlr

If you are bored with the regular photos on the internet and desire to use your own images on your social media, Pixlr is the platform you should use. The platforms provide a wide variety of borders and other effects, and you are free to choose the one that suits you the best. Its features are quite easy to use as it is pretty user-friendly.

The platform will allow you to get rid of that annoying red eyespot and give the perfect size to your pictures as well. Pixlr is comparatively used for small purposes like changing the size of the picture, fixing the color of the image, and stuff like that. But it is easier to use and pretty convenient for beginners. So stay back and relax if you have just started graphic designing, take baby steps, and play with the features that Pixlr offers.

  • Canva

If you have just developed your interest in graphic designing and are tight on the budget, too then, there is no better application for you than Canva. The application provides templates for everything, so if you are still in the learning phase, this application is the best tutor for you with perfectly designed templates. Since you have just got into this grind, I would advise you to begin your design with the template and then fill all boxes right according to your needs.

The best part of this application is that you are free to pay for a particular feature solely because you want to pay for it as it does not have any monthly subscriptions thing. Monthly subscription results inbounding a person to the [plan for pone whole month, and even if you need it for a day, you result in paying for a whole month which is completely useless.

  • Adobe Spark

Of all the applications that I have talked about, I love this one the most. If you are someone who wants just the right combination of power and simplicity, then this is the place for you. It is an entirely different form of illustrator and Photoshop because it does not have any learning curve. All you are required to do is log in to your account and choose the template that suits your requirements the best. Once you are done with the selection process, it provides you with a customization option by adding new images from its library. So I guess the library is the main attraction for me to this portal.

  • Designer

Desygner is one of my other favorite applications. Due to its smooth and easy process, graphic designing has become much easier for me now. If you are working on social media posts, I believe it’s the best option. Virtually it has prevented all the stressful pinching and dragging process that the other application offers.

Speaking of this application, I would like to draw your attention to its one main drawback: you are more likely to miss some of its features as it is not really robust.


Graphic designing has been a complex job; however, social media and smartphones have made it much smoother for designers. Hope these applications would help you as much as it helped me.

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Alexa Bliss is a proficient graphic designer and has been working with the Nursing Assignment Helps for the last two months. We are proud to have her on her board as she provides her insights on all the ongoing issues that students mainly face.

How Applications make Graphic Designing Easy

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