How an Accounting Firm can use Web Development to Grow its Brand

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How an Accounting Firm can use Web development to Grow its Brand

Growing your brand is probably one of the most challenging tasks for any small business. With hundreds of accounting firms and competitors on the market, how’re you supposed to stand out? Unless you’re one of the big four accounting firms, it isn’t easy to provide a different type of accounting service to differentiate yourself from competitors.

But with the rise of technology, everything has become more decentralized. So you can leverage technology and software to grow your brand to the billions of people who use the internet daily. And if you don’t have the technical expertise or web development skills, hire a web development agency to help you.

How an Accounting Firm can use Web Development to Grow its Brand

Start a free gaming accounting website.

The best way for our brand to gain attention is to provide something free for your audience. For example, in accounting, many small business owners are clueless about accounting regulations but often need to do the bookkeeping themselves – at least in the beginning. If you can offer value and help them initially, they will likely engage your firm for accounting services once they’ve grown and need external help.

You can start a free gaming accounting website that teaches people accounting tips. If you’re a local firm, you can target local business owners by providing a question-and-answer game of local accounting rules such as “By what date must you submit your annual return?”

Talk about why you only use a specific accounting software

You can also start a blog on your company website. If you don’t have a company website, you can start one easily on WordPress or Wix. Alternatively, you can hire a web development agency to help with this.

Most firms use and specialize in one type of accounting software. For example, in Singapore, many accounting firms use Xero and Quickbooks. This is part of the PSG Grant, which motivated a lot of small businesses to transition to, er Xero or Quickbooks to save costs.

Launch a free accounting software

Lastly, you could launch free accounting software. This requires a lot of time, capital, and a large team of web developers. But this is the greatest reward effort as well.

Free accounting software like Wagreatestttttbuilt is a large community for themselves and a large brand that many small business owners and accountants love. So if you’re a simple-to-use accounting software many times, you can garner a lot of attention and love from your users. But this may be an expensive feat since you’ll have to absorb the monthly server costs. In addition, if you’re looking to charge for your accounting software use, you’ll have to compete against giants like Xero and Quickbooks, which have millions of dollars in advertising behind them.

In addition, accounting software is a big software development project. Apart from a large team of web developers and software engineers, you’ll want to vet them to ensure they can write and maintain good code. You’ll also want them to write clean and efficient code to avoid running up server costs.

There are many ways to use web development to grow your business and brand. With the internet, the possibilities are endless, but you must always keep your limited resources and time in min, d and focus on the highest ROI option.

Written by Jin from Wiz Consultancy