How AI Chatbots Can Help Boost Your eCommerce Sales

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There was actually a time when people started thinking that artificial intelligence was going to take over and machines were to going to start ruling the world. I remember writing an article on this particular topic myself. But, don’t worry, terminator salvation isn’t going to happen any time soon. And even if it does, it won’t be as bad as we’ve seen on television.

Because guess what? Artificial Intelligence is here. You and I interact with it every day without even knowing. Even though people were afraid of this technological advancement, truth be told, people are always on the lookout to interact with new and engaging technology. AI Chatbots are one such exotic technology.

Most of the eCommerce stores are already starting to incorporate AI in their customer service as well as inventory management systems. Asides the numerous benefits of AI in your eCommerce stores, the mere usage of AI can help you drive more audience. How?

Number 1: People love using new technology
Number 2: Using this new trend will give you an upper hand in the market.

Before I move on to explain how AI can help boost your E-commerce sales, let’s have a quick look at some of the top use cases of AI. You can see that about 19% of this technology is incorporated into customer service and sales processes. This just comes to show that more and more businesses are going to start adopting Artificial Intelligence.

Here is How AI Chatbots Can Boost E-Commerce Sales

Here is How AI Chatbots Can Boost E-Commerce Sales

Greeting Your Customers_ a Plus Point

I know this might sound cliché, but greeting your customers is always a plus point (unless of course, someone is really cranky, even then greeting a customer might lighten up their day).

Suppose one of your previous customers visits your store, if a Chatbot greets them by using their name, and takes the extra step and provides the customer with a set of products and sales that the customer might be interested in, this will create a sense of familiarity. This means that you will be able to develop a relationship with your customers, and as a result, they will enjoy visiting your E-Commerce site which can help boost your sales and revenue.

Furthermore, when a Chatbot greets a customer, it can ask for customer’s information such as email and phone number. This will enable you to send notifications and provide personalized suggestions to the customers. Having a transparent and more human connection with your customers will ultimately lead to more sales.

Turn Visitors into Potential Leads

When I visit an online store, most of the time I need more information about the product (especially if it’s an electronic product). The initial disappointment starts when I notice that the site doesn’t have any live chat option. Furthermore, if I see that there is no way to instantly connect with customer service. Guess what I do next? I abandon the site because I start feeling that this wouldn’t be a reliable site to purchase from.

If you don’t have these communication options for your visitors, just imagine the number of visitors that you lose on a daily basis.

AI Chatbots can help you eliminate this issue and help boost your conversion rate. Chatbots can immediately respond to visitor inquiries and even collect the visitor’s information so that you can get in touch with them at a more viable time. If you can properly integrate and utilize AI Chatbots, you can increase your lead database and increase the possibilities of more sales.

Reduce Cart Abandonment

Asides site abandonment, your online store might also have a high cart abandonment rate. AI bots can significantly lower the cart abandonment rate. A report by SaleCycle’s reveals that about three-quarters of online customers abandon their carts. This is a pretty daunting statistic. In order to overcome the issue of cart abandonment, most businesses choose to notify their customers about a recent sale, or the products that they might have forgotten to checkout. But it turns out that these notifications have a very low click-through rate.

On the other hand, Chatbots have a very friendly and conversational tone, they can address customers about the issues they might be facing with checkout, furthermore, a Chatbot will approach the customers at a time when they feel like interacting with your website. These small pushes can get your customers to make a purchase. You can even go the extra mile and provide promo codes or coupons to motivate users to make the purchase.

Understand The Customer’s Needs

The main goal of every retailer is to get the customers to move down the sales funnel. One way to do this is by asking the right questions and providing the right answers. With the help of AI Chatbots, you can automatically answer your customer’s question and save yours as well as your customer’s time.

This is a very useful tool for understanding a user’s needs and preferences. The more your Chatbot will interact with your customers, the more it will understand them. With the help of this customer analysis, you will be able to make their purchase processes more convenient and efficient. You can offer them assistance during the purchasing process, and also offer personalized suggestions and sales.

Motivate Customers to Share Their Data

First-party data is very useful and businesses are always on the lookout for ways to extract customer details for marketing purposes. Chatbots are an excellent way to motivate users to share their information, such as their preferences and contact details to improvise their shopping experience.

When you have this information, you can engage your customers through text messages and offer them special discounts, deals, and SMS gift cards. You can also approach your customers through their social media accounts, such as Facebook Messenger.

Humanize Your E-Commerce Brand

Most people have a perception that Chatbots are just lifeless pieces of software. But, Chatbots happen to have a lot of personalities. When Chatbots are created, it is made sure that they have essential human-like characteristics and traits. For example, their interests, their fears, and even sense of humor. After defining the personality of a Chatbot, its tone and vocabulary are decided. This makes it more human-like and easy to talk to. Adding this type of human element to your website will help you create more meaningful and deeper interactions. This will help you build stronger customer relationships, and when your customers are happy with your services they will keep coming back for more.

Start Integrating AI ChatBots to Your E-Commerce Stores

In order to compete in today’s market, more and more businesses are starting to adopt artificial intelligence. AI Chatbots won’t entirely replace your sales team, but they will definitely raise the quality of your customer service and the number of your sales. There is no doubt that Chatbots are revolutionizing e-commerce and improving customer experiences. Now it is up to you to make the best of this innovative technology and take your brand to the next level.

About The Author:

Zubair Hassan is a digital marketing expert at mobile app development companies in Dallas. He loves to work for companies who need his skills in the marketing domain to market their products and make a mark for themselves. He can offer you tools and strategies so that you can get in touch with your customers and able to communicate with them through all the popular social media platforms of your choice.

How AI Chatbots Can Help Boost Your eCommerce Sales

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