How Affiliate Marketing Boosts eCommerce Traffic 
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How Affiliate Marketing Boosts eCommerce Traffic 

Owning an E-commerce business website is a land of many opportunities. Yet, at the same time, it brings its own rules and guidelines to the table. As a result, at times, the whole marketing process for e-commerce gets super frustrating and complicated. 

The good thing is that a lot could be done to boost your e-commerce website traffic. Affiliate marketing happens to be one of those. 

What is Affiliate Marketing? 

Affiliate marketing is a kind of marketing where you only get to pay after the sales are done instead of other traditional forms of losing money by bad marketing practices. And that means this is the only marketing form that ensures a 100% return on investment. 

This is exactly how it works. 

You, as a merchant, look for influential affiliate websites that have a lot of traffic and followers and offer them commissions for promotion. They get to promote your product on their website, and in return, you pay them every time someone referred to your e-commerce website through their promotion purchases your product. 

So, it’s a win-win scenario. 

Sounds interesting? Let’s see how it works and whether you, as a business owner, even need an affiliate marketing program. 

The Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

Naturally enough, the first thing that crosses one’s mind is: “Do I need an affiliate marketing strategy for my eCommerce website?”

Here’s a list of reasons why eCommerce affiliate marketing is beneficial for your website and can add up to your traffic:

  • Increased ROI

One of the main and the best things about affiliate marketing is that, unlike every other marketing form, with affiliate marketing, you don’t invest endless amounts of money on an advertisement without having the guarantee of any of it ever paying off. Instead, you offer commissions after the purchase is made, which means you have an absolute 100% return on investment rate.  

  • Brand Ambassadors

Affiliate marketing is about influencers talking about your product and telling people that your product is a great one. After you decide on your target audience, you choose a group of influential bloggers to cooperate with. The latter writes about your product in their blogs, post pictures, and tell how great their personal experience with your product was. 

Studies show that 82% of clients are likely to trust the influencers and, hence, convert. So there – you have your brand ambassadors. 

  • Enhanced Social Proof

Positive reviews, when it comes to business development, are super important. But, unfortunately, numbers tell some shocking statistics. For example, it turns out that no less than 95% of potential buyers check the online reviews of a product before they buy it and are more likely to trust the reviews – bad or good. 

This means the more the number of your positive reviews is, the higher your chances of “selling” are. 

What’s excellent news is that affiliate marketing is a secure way of shaping positive reviews about your product and lots of those – through the affiliates and indirectly.  

  • Enhanced Credibility

This point is, in fact, very obvious. Due to affiliate marketing, influencers of the fields directly related to the niche of your business get to talk about your product; they discuss it and praise it and recommend it too. 

Being recommended multiple times and constantly appearing and being mentioned incredible business websites raises the credibility of your business website as well. And there, you have another benefit directly inherited from your affiliate marketing strategy. 

  • User Content Generation 

Again, this is about word of mouth, peer recommendation, and increased credibility.

It’s one story when you use your website and paid ads to praise your products and tell customers how good and amazing you are and a completely different story when other customers who had already benefited from your goods praise you. 

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to generate user-side content about your brand, of making people talk about you and, hence, advertise you. Statistics claim that 84% of customers prefer it to traditional ads. 

To sum up, you can easily see that the path to the trust of most of your potential buyers lies through the word and positive feedback of other happy and satisfied customers, which could be significantly achieved by developing and applying a well thought through affiliate marketing strategy. 

So, guess you do need an affiliate marketing program, hah, to help you gain the attention and the trust of potential customers and get you their loyal commitment. 

Why don’t you stop wasting time and get to creating your list of influencers that will help you raise your business to the next level? As for more advice – feel free to check out these ten very specific tips for marketing your business online

How Affiliate Marketing Boosts eCommerce Traffic

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