How 360° Product Photography Can Increase Your Sales

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How 360° Product Photography Can Increase Your Sales

Since everything changes so rapidly in the digital world, being on trend has become a major challenge for every online business. If you run an eCommerce website, it’s vital to use creativity and technology to stay ahead of competitors. Therefore, 360-degree product photography has become a boon to help online businesses boost sales.

According to statistics, 360-degree product photography helps increase potential buyers’ online duration from 32% to 50%. Even business users, who use this form of product photography, have felt its significant impact on their business growth. Hence, adding it to your photo photography will likely drastically increase the conversion rate.

What is 360-degree product photography?

360 product photography is a technique of clicking photos while capturing the whole surroundings of a specific item in the full-circle form. Typically, this photography aims to make an object appear to be rotating on a turning table. Therefore, the photographer has to take multiple images of an object from various angles. After that, the images are pieced together to form a sphere view of an object. This way, online consumers can see the images in detail from various angles. So they get a better idea about a product’s size, quality, and texture.

How does 360-degree product photography increase sales of eCommerce websites?

Here are various ways how 360-degree product photography can enhance the online sales of eCommerce websites:

360 product photography shows an object from different angles

The major problem with stock photos is that customers cannot examine goods properly just by looking at one or two images. So, it is not enough to better understand how an online product would appear in real-time. This makes it hard for potential buyers to satisfy their eagerness and make sound decisions.

On the other hand, 360-degree product photography enhances online viewers’ experience by helping them check a product from various sides. When one clicks on these interactive images, one can rotate that item, zoom in and out, and look at certain areas.

That’s how customers often get the required information about a product and can come to a conclusion soon. This way, eCommerce owners can sell more goods while decreasing their return rates by up to 42%. After all, when consumers are well-informed about a product before purchasing, they are most likely to get the exact product as per their expectations.

It helps with higher conversions.

As you know, a 3D image of a particular object offers more information than a conventional 2D photo. From dresses to shoes and even furniture, a 360-degree view helps consumers find exactly how an item feels and appears in reality from different angles. Since presenting products effectively is crucial for online display on an e-commerce website, business owners need to opt for 360-degree photography to increase their online conversions. It is because when consumers get more context about a product, more and more people are likely to invest in such a product.

It helps you stand ahead of competitors.

As consumers’ shopping habits are inclined to digital media, product photos allow you to stand out from competitors. You can make the most of every possibility to stay ahead of the competitors, from optimizing online product pages to providing great customer service.

360-degree photography also helps online businesses add some curiosity to their product photos with less investment. It also allows them to showcase how a product works in real time. With increasing competition in eCommerce, 360 photos are a powerful way to make your brand stand out without getting lost in the crowd.

It Elevates the Website’s Ranking

Google often improves a website’s ranking based on how much time visitors spend on it. Therefore, the more time visitors spend on a website, the better it is for an eCommerce business. So, 360 product photography is great for avoiding such a scenario.

The potential buyers not only scroll the 360 views, they even zoom in and out and try to find more details by turning an image around. This way, when visitors will spend more time on specific web pages, the Google algorithm is most likely to consider a website more useful while ranking it accordingly.

It increases customer engagement.

Brands must keep potential buyers engaged with their shared marketing content. That’s because potential buyers want an entertaining shopping experience. This is what interactive 360 spin photography can do. According to statistics, 360 photography is more likely to enhance customer engagement by 32%. It is because interaction with 360 views on a webpage is more interesting than scrolling through an image. That’s why more and more shoppers like to spend more time shopping on websites with 360 images.


There are several advantages of 360 product photography for both customers and eCommerce businesses. First, it showcases a product on sale from various angles. It even enables one to understand the functions and quality of a specific product. Another benefit is that eCommerce website owners can use these images to improve their website’s rating while enhancing customer engagement.

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