Home Based Jobs for Digital Marketers

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Home Based Jobs for Digital Marketers

Although most of those involved in digital marketing share their office with other colleagues, enjoy their company, and thrive on creating synergy, there are more and more those who are forced to or prefer to work from home, with occasional visits to a coffee shop from where they can also exploit the advantages of their virtual office.

This trend is not surprising, bearing in mind the very nature of the digital world, where the virtual work environment is cherished. So, if you’re interested in pursuing a career in the world of digital marketing but would prefer to work from the comfort of your own home, here are some of the jobs you might want to consider.

Marketing Copywriter

This is probably the job that most people first associate with digital marketing, and rightfully so. The increasing demand for people to produce relevant and high-quality content in all languages has made this job quite popular. Provided that your writing skills are excellent and that you have sufficient knowledge of how SEO works, you might be able to find a job either through a marketing agency or as a freelancer.

This is one of the jobs that demonstrate how quality takes precedence over quantity since clients are much more interested in achieving their goals than in the number of words you can produce within a given time frame. This means that a brief, relevant piece of writing will be much more effective than a lengthy, dull one that took more time to write.

In terms of skills, they are best honed by practicing, i.e., writing, though most serious agencies provide training for their writers. What is important is that you are persistent, open to suggestions and criticism, and willing to learn. If you have such qualities, your talent will be allowed to shine.

Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is another option for those wishing to work from home. It offers an opportunity to make a living by referring customers to a business that has an affiliate program. This means that you need to provide links on your website for your visitors to use if they are interested in a particular service or product. If they follow the link, you’ll be paid by the affiliated company.

Depending on their policy, such businesses may offer different affiliate programs. The most common method is a flat rate, though a sales commission is often used. Alternatively, you might be paid per action or lead, e.g., you may refer someone who signs up for a free trial and gets some money for that.

So, if you make up your mind and decide to follow this path, make sure you have all the relevant info on getting started beforehand. Also, when it comes to product or service promotion, you need to choose a niche, the most popular ones being blogs or websites for this purpose.

Affiliate Marketer
Affiliate Marketer

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Marketing Analyst

Those fond of numbers, who are very organized and with an eye for detail, might enjoy analyzing data and turning the results of such analysis into a marketing or brand strategy. You may find that the peace of your home is just the perfect surrounding for such a job.

Depending on your knowledge and experience, your jobs might vary in scope and complexity, but you must have excellent analytical skills and an understanding of SEO. You might want to learn about the tools you need to use by watching some tutorials or reading articles on the internet.

Content Strategist

Those into blogging are most likely to entertain the idea of becoming a content strategist since your job would entail establishing what kind of content your client needs based on their goals and helping them achieve those goals by creating campaigns and projects. So, just like you’re addressing a particular group with your blog, you’d be doing the same thing, but on a different level.

To get an opportunity in the first place, you need to have some proof of the quality of your work, i.e., you need to run a successful blog. Your prospective clients need to look at your blog and recognize that you have the skills they need, so make sure your blog is up and running, attracting the attention of as many people as possible.

Digital Marketing Consultant

This position is reserved only for those with a lot of experience and a proven track record in digital marketing. However, it is a potentially lucrative job, which might help the company you’re consulting move to the next level.

Your job would be to analyze the ongoing processes, design strategies, and inspire clients to follow the right path. Though the financial reward could be substantial, there’s a lot of work involved, and it can only yield results if you combine it with a lot of experience.

These are just some of the jobs in the world of digital marketing that you can do from home or any other location that is not an office desk. They all involve a lot of patience, attention to detail, and dedication, but the rewards are also potentially significant. Not only could you be making money while sleeping, but you could also work from your home, a nearby coffee shop, or any other place that has internet access.

Emma Miller is a marketer and a writer from Sydney. Her focus is digital marketing, social media, start-ups, and the latest trends. She’s a contributor to the Bizzmark blog and a mother of two.

Home Based Jobs for Digital Marketers