Holiday Season 2020: Setting Your eCommerce Store Up for Success
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Holiday Season 2020: Setting Your eCommerce Store Up for Success

What was once Black Friday soon turned into Cyber Week, and in the not too distant future, it’s safe to assume that the whole of November will be blocked out for doorbuster sales.

As an eCommerce store owner, the increasingly early Cyber Week start date may have caught you out this year. Or maybe you just haven’t put much stock into Black Friday 2020, given the general economic uncertainty.

But despite this year being anything but normal, experts are all predicting this year’s holiday season demand to be just as strong (or even stronger). And it’s not too late to optimize your website and operation to be successful for Black Friday and the following Christmas shopping season.

Get the most out of your current audience.

Running paid ads around the holiday season can be expensive, so it’s a great time to prioritize getting the most out of your existing audience.

You may feel concerned about irritating your social media followers with too much promo, but with so many sales happening at once, you’ll find your audience falls into one of two camps: those who aren’t interested, barely notice and scroll on, and those who are interested, and visit your site – although they may need a couple of reminders, first!

It’s a similar story with emails, and you should aim to send a few personalized, on-brand emails to your existing customer base in the run-up to your discounts going live.

Ensure you also have a strong abandoned cart email ready to auto send to customers who leave your site without completing the checkout process. Customers are more likely to abandon their cart when making an impulse purchase or when unsure of an order’s total cost, so it pays to have an effective way to reel them back in!

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Take simple SEO measures to find new customers.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is the process of making your site as search-engine-friendly as possible. Strong SEO performance can increase how your site ranks for relevant keywords (for an eCommerce store, most likely product terms like ‘men’s red wool jumper’), and therefore how much new (free!) traffic your site will receive.

Many factors contribute to strong SEO performance (over 200 of them, in fact), but an important (and often overlooked) one is having a fast site.

Website Builder Expert has gone into more detail on how to speed up your site in the infographic below, but we’ll say right off the bat that if you’re not already using a tool like to compress your images, now is the time to start!


Holiday Season 2020: Setting Your eCommerce Store Up for Success

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