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Holiday Party Etiquette

‘Tis the season to celebrate the holidays, whether it’s a gathering with friends, family, or even one’s coworkers.

But a new study by Four Loko found that many Americans aren’t excited about their upcoming company holiday party.

Out of 2,000 people surveyed from across the United States, only 47-percent said they’re excited to attend their office’s holiday party, and women were 54-percent more likely to say they dread them all together.

So what is it about the office party that has employees feeling less than jolly?

According to the survey, the number one reason people dislike going is that they feel obligated to do so. After that, respondents said they dislike having to make small talk and also socializing with their superiors.

It may seem like a movie cliché for office holiday parties to get out of hand, but Four Loko found that many actually do.

Despite the fact that the majority, 80-percent, of respondents say they try to limit their alcohol consumption at these events, 26-percent said they still walked away having done something that they regretted. The top regret is hooking up with a coworker, followed by saying something rude to a colleague, and then partaking in office gossip.

It’s not just employees getting rowdy, according to the study, 36-percent of respondents said they’ve witnessed their boss or manager do something embarrassing at their annual holiday work gathering.

Regardless of what was said and done, roughly 1-in-5 Americans say they’ve felt embarrassed to go back to work the day after their office’s party. An unfortunate statistic was given that 2-in-3 workers surveyed say they’re expected to attend work the day after the party!

Holiday parties aren’t all bad. In fact, respondents said their three favorite things about their office’s event were the free food and drinks, spending time with coworkers, and having a chance to get in the holiday spirit. Free food is a common theme, with 96-percent of offices giving back to their employees with a free food spread, as is allowing their employees to bring a plus one to the event.

Holiday Party Etiquette

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