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The covid pandemic has affected the global economy on a large scale. Companies are going down; businesses are facing significant losses. Companies are laying off their workforce and letting go of most of their workforce to cut expenses. This is creating an unemployment crisis all over the world. Many people have started their small businesses to keep up with their costs, proving very worthwhile for them. If you are looking to create a new home-based business and can’t figure out what it should be, here are a few ideas that you can try:

Home-based restaurant:

Due to social distancing, governments have banned dine-ins, people prefer to take out and home delivery. This has provided an excellent opportunity for people to open home-based restaurants. If you are good at cooking and have experience making various dishes, you can earn a handsome amount per month from this business. You can create your website or app or register yourself on uber eats or other food delivery websites. Whenever someone wants to order from your home-based restaurant, you’ll be notified. Prepare food and send it via delivery guy. The customer could pay you online or cash on delivery.                                             

Arts and crafts business:

No talent could go wasted if you have the right skills to utilize it. If you are artsy and have crafty skills, you can start your own online crafts business. This business sells nifty handmade items like children’s headbands, broaches, bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry products. It also includes home designing items like paintings, cushions, flower vases, hand-designed clocks, etc. this business might not have a significant profit, to begin with, because most of it is spent on the cost price. But once settled, it could help you make more than $40000 per year.                                             

Online teaching:

Due to the closure of educational institutes worldwide, the educational process has been made online. Many people can avail themselves of this opportunity by offering special courses online. There are millions of students who are looking for instructors to help them overcome their difficulties. Several private websites provide a platform for teachers of different subjects so students worldwide can find them and contact them. It doesn’t matter whether you’re teaching basic English grammar or something a bit more complicated like Data Science; you will find plenty of students online. The students and teachers can discuss the payment and hours themselves. Online teachers can earn up to  $50000 yearly.                                              

Home daycare:

Home daycare businesses might be an excellent idea for the people who love babies and are good at handling babies and toddlers. Most children’s parents are working on running the family, for career choices or any other reason whatsoever. They want someone to look after their babies and provide a playful and caring environment while they are gone. People pay a great deal to take care of children. It is estimated that home daycares make up to 55 thousand dollars every year.                                                  

Social media influencer/ bloggers:

Another way to earn money is by being a social media influencer. It takes a great deal of confidence and social skills to be a social media personality. You could either be a YouTuber, Instagram blogger, or a tik toker. Being a YouTuber could offer a variety of fields to make videos on. You can create videos about anything that you are at hand with. The more views and followers you gain, the more money you can earn through social media. In addition, brands and companies send you PR packages to advertise and pay you to promote their brands.

Online import-export business:

With the growing e-commerce industry, the number of online buyers and shoppers is also increasing. People are always looking for new and unique stuff to buy. This can help in setting up an online import-export business. You can import branded or unique things from other countries that are not available in your hometown, and you can sell them online. You can either create your website store or use existing online markets like Amazon and eBay. You can also export products from your hometown. It is a high-profit enterprise, and taking the right steps can help you earn millions.


Freelancing is a job where a person works for himself. A freelancer is his boss, and he offers his skills to the people who require them to do a specific job. Any firm does not employ freelancers; instead, they make contracts and provide their services accordingly. Most freelancers are software developers, programmers, content writers, social marketing advisers, graphic designers, copywriters, web designers, and many more. Freelancers earn according to the hours they work. There is no working hours limit. It is quite the right job for you if you need flexible working hours. Like other online businesses, freelancers rely heavily on referrals to get new clients.

Online yoga studio:

Just like everything else, yoga studios have been digitized too. If you have experience in yoga training, you can set up your virtual yoga studio. It can prove more profitable than offline yoga practice for many reasons. First, you don’t need to arrange an ample space to accommodate all your students; second, you can teach a large number of students simultaneously, and at last, you can connect with people globally. With a more significant number of students, the income will increase as well. It is estimated that online yoga instructors make up to 80000 dollars per year.                                    


The competition has increased so much recently that it is tough to keep up with society through a regular office job. There are more than enough qualified people, and jobs aren’t enough. You must have multiple sources of income to keep your finances running smoothly. Setting up a home-based business can help you earn more money than you might earn by being employed at a company. So, it is high time to become your boss and the master of your fate.

High earning business ideas anyone can start from home

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