Have a Limited PPC Budget? No Problem, You Can Outgun Your Competitors

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Having a limited budget doesn’t always mean that you will be less successful. Mostly, people believe in the delusion that your results will be better if you have more money. It’s all about the organization. If you organize your costs right, you’re going to have more than enough. According to PPC agency Chicago, you should dispose of your budget following these steps:

Think About Your Goal and Estimate Your Budget

If you have a pre-defined outcome for your pay, it may be helpful to avoid overspending. Think about it. Put everything on a piece of paper and focus on what exactly you want to achieve. Then, when you’ve done the first step by defining your goal, decide on the number of leads you’d like to gain through PPC.

  • Improve Your Quality Score

As you may already know, Quality Score is a measure of how good your Google ads, or how good your ads are meeting the customer’s needs. This can affect how much you pay per click. Remember that if your Quality Score is higher, you get higher ad rankings and lower costs per link and conversion. Try to do that by:

  • Focusing on the right keywords 
  • Creating relevant ads for your audience
  • Keeping your ad groups organized.

Keyword Relevance

You should pay attention to appropriate keywords to improve relevancy. Try to use long-tail keywords so they can bring you significant traffic. Then, organize them into small, targeted groups. Identify groups that have a high cost per conversion. When you see that, you’re probably able to see which keyword has triggered the spend and is this keyword necessary for a successful campaign. That targeting group will give you a much better position to reach a high-Quality Score.

Landing Page Experience 

This could be a key point for optimizing your website and getting more customers. But how is this related to PPC marketing? The answer is simple- when someone clicks on your ad, that ad directly brings him to your landing page. So, yes, this is something like the first impression of your website. Optimize your landing page by:

  • Making a video of your company and the presentation of your product
  • Adding some high resolution-images
  • Getting an explanation of what you are offering 

Bidding Automatization

This type of bidding selects the maximum of your PPC based on your own goals rather than manual bidding. These strategies, each dependent on a different business goal:

  • Maximize conversions– This is an ideal strategy if you don’t want to spend the whole of your daily budget. 
  • Maximize clicks- This strategy is based on driving more traffic to your website. 
  • Target CPA- Using this, you’ll get the machine learning to drive leads for a set target cost.

Set a Budget for CPC

Especially if you are a beginner, start with a small budget like $10, and set up a cost per click, for example, 50 cents per click. By doing this, you enable yourself to change that budget anytime. When your budget is utilized, Google will stop displaying your ad. This means that if your ad is too effective, it will be shown just for a few hours, so set an affordable budget.

Following these steps, you’ll be able to get the maximum from your budget. Remember always to be grateful for everything you have, which depends only on how you will use it. There are too many factors that can affect your work, but don’t let your limited budget stop you on the way to your goal. Just go for it!

Have a Limited PPC Budget? No Problem, You Can Outgun Your Competitors


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