Guidelines for Responsive Website Design and Development

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Responsive website design has become one of the most important factors in the web development industry because it is a multi-device friendly approach that has the ability to create good experiences for different browsers and mobile viewpoints.

The responsive design is an approach that supports and responds to the user’s behavior, and its design and development are based on orientation, screen size, and platform. It can adapt to any device resolution. The implementation consists of 3 defining features, i.e., flexible grid, visuals, and media queries.

Let us understand below how these features work in responsive web development:

  • Fluid Grids:

It helps a website to rearrange itself into the desired size to suit the screen resolution. The layout is user-readable on devices. Designers usually prefer using a fluid grid because it has sheer stress and will deform into screen size or user device regardless of screen size and resolution.

  • Flexible Images:

Responsive design allows us to provide any resolution, and therefore, the flexible image is called an adaptive image as it responds to every screen resolution. This automatically detects the user’s screen size and delivers an appropriate re-scaled version according to web page resolution.

  • Media Queries:

This lets you customize the web page’s representation according to the range of devices like mobiles, tablets, desktops, etc., without any changes done in the mark-ups. Media query is a logical expression that revolves to either zero or one, i.e., true or false. If the result is true, that means the media types specified in the media tool match the type device and perform well.

Responsive web design is handy for e-commerce websites as the user prefers shopping from their Smartphone rather than desktops. Therefore, the website has to be eCommerce responsive.

Advantages of responsive website design:

  • It fulfills every need of the website to be user-friendly and also fulfills the need for onsite optimization.
  • Designing different web pages for different devices and then redirecting users as per their screen resolution to an appropriate web page is not required. This would eliminate the need for a different design and development phase for each new gadget market.

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Guidelines for Responsive Website Design and Development

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