Growth of Commercial Social Networks

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One of Casey Newton’s subscribers is sure that in 2019, the number of business social networks will increase and, based on his words, the generally accepted opinion that social networks are freely available only if a large number of people use them is false.

He is confident that in 2019 the trend of increasing the number of paid social networks will continue to gain momentum. For example, like a Slack messenger, which on the first day of its release gathered 8,000 companies and this is even though more than 1 million people use it daily.

Apple or Google will try some social network again

Last year, Michael Saiman, who at the age of 18 became one of the developers of Facebook, left this company to become part of the Google team. Earlier it was reported that Saiman would be responsible for the development of Google Assistant voice-activated digital assistant. However, some are confident that he will also cooperate in developing a new social network for the search engine giant.

A trend away from Facebook

Some users of the social network are confident that in 2019 Facebook will go downward. Perhaps this trend will lead to paid content. There is an opinion that the use of the social network will be paid for some regions.

Instagram will enhance trade

There has been a rumor that the Shopping tab may appear in the recommendations. There is also an opinion that the launch of IG Shopping is possible.

However, the situation with shows and coverage is still not clear. Paying for subscribers, will you have to pay to show your content to them now? Although this is happening now. Those subscribers who are not involved in the interaction with the subscribed store do not see its news.

Changing the user interface to twitter

Perhaps in 2019, there will be a fundamental change in the user interface, which many users complain about. However, the “Edit” button is likely to remain a cherished dream.

The general director of the company, Jack Dorsey, spoke about this back in 2017, focusing on the fact that editing capabilities are necessary for social networks, besides for a long time. However, so far no changes have been noticed.

All this Dorsey said in a public correspondence with users, thereby asking for suggestions on the desired changes.

YouTube will become long-format

Some are confident that the video feed will begin to use the format of long videos actively.

TikTok growth

The TikTok social network, which was created for exchanging small video messages, is likely to continue to grow due to the popularization of video content. In 2019, 10 minutes of every hour spent on media consumption on television and the Internet will be accounted for by video content broadcast via mobile devices.

By the way, that is the social network Facebook is so afraid of, so its future for 2019 is shrouded in mystery.

What else?

Chatbots will grow wildly. Now large companies (shops, banks, companies providing services) use them. However, there is an opinion that in 2019 they may become common.

As shown by numerous polls, only 19% who had experience with chatbots responded negatively. Another 48% were indifferent, and the rest (33%) still got a positive experience of communicating with non-living interlocutors.

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Growth of Commercial Social Networks

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