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Growth Hacking Your eCommerce Store

Seven Innovative Approaches to Improve Your E-commerce Store

In this modern and competitive world, E-commerce has been voted as the most popular online selling as it includes billion-dollar industries with endless online store owners and buyers. It is referred as buying and selling of products and services via online. There are various reasons which can be assigned to it.

People can easily access internet and E-commerce stores offer a perfect platform where one can carry out a comparative study of products which they want, without visiting any place. What has made the E-commerce a better sales option is that you don’t need to step out of your home especially considering the busy lifestyle everyone has these days.

It also offers many benefits to the seller also. One of the major benefits of e-commerce store is that the seller will need less amount of investment compared to building a physical store. When you build a shop, you need to pay for the interior design, rent, staff, electricity, water, and for many other things. However, customer’s test changes frequently and they always want some unique.

If you want to stay in the race, you need to go with that trend. You need to use various method for marketing online like direct mails, online advertisements, social networking sites, banner advertisements, PPC marketing and more. All these are for to keep your customers updated about latest offers and latest products. If you have a new E-commerce store and want to improve it, you can take help of E-commerce Integration Services.

Growth Hacking Your eCommerce Store

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Things that you can consider to improve your E-commerce Store

Any sales or business can adopt E-commerce. It is suitable for both virtual and physical items. It can be business to business (B2B) or business to consumer (B2C). However, if you fail to provide an improved and best E-commerce store you may lose your valuable customers. Every business is unique, having different requirements which need a different approach to deal with.

Different online businesses will look for different add-ons to meet their customers demand. If you want to know more about this hire the E-commerce Integration Services. Well, you can use some effective extensions. However, the following tips can help you to develop a best Ecommerce store.

  • Store locator – It helps to find the number of stores located near to them and the different products available there. This comes with user-friendly UX, can offer different view options and also supports a wide number of stores.
  • Order tracking extension – It helps to manage the orders and run the E-commerce stores smoothly. The customers can get information about their product status in real-time.
  • Improved layered navigation – This means, arranging the products specifically like color, brand, price range, categories and price of products. If your E-commerce store has easy navigation, it can attract more traffic.
  • Bestseller product section – This will help you to show the best-selling products to the customers on the homepage or any other page. It will enable the customer to check out best-selling products directly.
  • Brand extension – For many people, brands play a very important role. If you do some research, you will find that brand searches are some of the most popular searches on the web or in various E-commerce websites. So, to offer your customers a unique experience of online shopping, you can add brand extensions in your Ecommerce store which will showcase some products under a parent brand. This will help you to manage the brands and link the appropriate products with brands. It returns, we will get better customer traffic rate as it makes easier for customers to buy specific brands and stay loyal to them forever.
  • Unique titles for pages – To offer the best E-commerce store, always try to develop unique titles of pages. The reason behind this is, page title carries a high priority for page ranking in search engines. You can use product names as your E-commerce page titles.
  • Product walkthrough – It means helping a customer by providing best tips on product choice. You must provide the same in your Ecommerce store. You can use product walkthrough software for this; it will also increase customer’s confidence level.

So, these tips can help you to improve your e-Commerce store and to generate more traffic. Nowadays E-commerce Integration Services are there to help you out in such cases by offering you best methods.

Olivia Clark is a professional web Designer worked with many companies. she is currently associated with MS WEB DESIGNER, eCommerce Integration, and Replatforming Company. She loves to share her views regarding web development or web designing.

Growth Hacking Your eCommerce Store

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