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Tips to acquire business for your online eCommerce store in 2019

Setting up an online store is a difficult job but effectively promoting an online store is more complicated. This means that E-commerce is not a cup of tea because it needs genuine efforts, planning, and execution of strategy to run a store. And, it needs to be done regularly to ensure you remain ahead of the competition. But if you know how to market your business online in the proper manner and to the right audience, you might drive many potential buyers. In simple words, it’s all about promoting the right direction and make an impact on your target group. No matter which platform you are using to run your store, it is essential to enable it correctly. Magento 2 development services are in high demand these days to build engaging online selling websites. In this blog, important tips are mentioned to acquire business for an E-commerce store.

  1. Content Promotion

The best way to promote your store, and that is for free, is content promotion. Many store owners ignore this strategy and, in the end, lose potential sales. What they don’t know is that this strategy not only helps in selling but also establishes you as a thought leader. This strategy educates people about the products and raises the store’s online presence. You have to make relevant content for your audience. When done right, the results you will get are pretty exceptional and encouraging. But how to publish perfect content? It’s simple. Research is required and once you get to know about your audience demands, build informative content in terms of articles, blogs, forums, and other content types. The best means to execute this experiment is to change your strategy accordingly.

  1. Social Media

People are using Social media not only to communicate but also for the promotion of products & services. It has become a popular platform for advertising. Nevertheless, it is sometimes quite tough to crack the code of social media advertising. There are plenty of networking websites where the online store can be quickly promoted. Each platform has a different feature, audience, and purpose of utilizing them elegantly. For example, promoting on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest requires a different kind of post. Twitter has a diverse audience mostly related to microblogging and Pinterest, an image-sharing platform. You have to design various posts for each social channel to reach audiences. If you have a solid strategy for your social media marketing campaigns, you can be assured of a boom in sales.

Here are a few popular social media platforms :

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Quora
  1. PPC Advertising

Paid advertising may not be the first strategy that comes to your mind; it is essential in the current competitive world. When you are looking for quick results and not achieving them from regular techniques of promotion. This is where PPC advertising comes into role. If you have a good budget for your store marketing skills, it can make a huge difference in your online store sales. In short, you have to pay for every click that appears on your website when you implement this method of advertising. The most important thing about PPC is when it starts generating sales, you can increase the budget without adding cost to your business budget. Most stores opt for this approach because they can generate a high sales volume by making some investments.

  1. Video Tutorials

People love watching the video, and if you add a video to your E-commerce website, people will love buying from it. They will share the video and get clarity on the products. Videos are a great source of gaining popularity amongst the target market.

  • For example, if you sell shirts, show people the different ways they can wear them if there’s only a single method, show models wearing them.
  • If you sell cookies, show a small clipping about baking them?

When you’re done, create your channel on YouTube to share them and share them on other social websites.

  1. E-mail Marketing

Once you start getting customers, make sure they are linked directly from the email as well. Once it is done, start sending out weekly emails highlighting your store products, latest launches, offers, images, and descriptions for easy purchasing.

  • When looking to acquire sales, announce and promote products via email to benefit from the exclusive pricing straightaway. Several email service providers are available for free that is beneficial for small business owners.

Some online stores promote seller products through email marketing. Newsletters provide you the option to send out endless emails to the customers enrolled in your database. Ideally, aim to send weekly emails so that your customers can take benefit of the special offers. By personalization, you increase the chances of securing a sale.

Wrapping Up:

All the above methods are the tried and tested techniques to promote the online store. Everyone from an E-commerce giant to a startup could apply these techniques and see a boost in sales and, more importantly, marketing of the online store. It is pretty apparent the better your promotional strategy is, the more sales you’ll generate in your store. Hopefully, after reading this post, a clear idea regarding the promotion of the E-commerce store is cleared to you. You can implement these strategies and get the desired results for your store. The results are outstanding if strategies are correctly followed. These strategies are time-consuming and need investment as well.

Author Bio –

Elina Reddy is the Sr Magento Developer in Magento Store – a Magento eCommerce Development Company worldwide. She has a great experience in Magento and also a passionate blogger in the technology field. She loves to share knowledge and writing about the best practices, tips, tools, trends in web design & development, especially in Magento.

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