Growing Your Business Using Marketing Automation
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Growing Your Business Using Marketing Automation

The more advanced marketing technologies become, the pickier the customers are. Marketing tricks that were new and impressive a year ago do not add the expected value now because a demanding customer seeks better options. This, in fact, is a driving force of sales: to make your client pleased with customer service and a marketing approach that much so that they would help you in increasing your clientele and growing business.

Business marketing automation tools can help you with this task. They serve to turn some manual processes designed to customize business into automated and default solutions. Such technologies allow you to save your time while reaching every customer in a timely manner. They also help you convert your website visitors into clients.

Here are the top 5 methods to grow your business using market automation tools:

Sign Up and Welcome Email Automation

There are several ways in which email automation can help you grow your business. You can automate an email sign-up function that would allow you to collect email addresses and names of your clients. You will have a database of the customers whom you will be able to contact directly. This will definitely help you in your marketing efforts.

You can also automate your welcome emails. Once your client fills in a sign-up form on your business website, they will receive a welcome email. If you have 10 new customers daily, you can answer them directly. However, if you have hundreds of customers visiting your website and registering on it, the option to send out an automated reply will definitely benefit you.

Targeting and Customization

Your business can grow if you target the right people. Different marketing automation tools help in grouping your customers based on analysis of their behavior and sales to send out marketing material that would meet their needs. It will provide every customer with extra comfort from customer service and would definitely help you grow your sales.

At the same time, this customization will help you determine the most loyal customers and offer them some kind of gift. Such extra benefits are usually very well welcomed by the audience and encourage them to keep buying.

Customer Retention Programs

Customer retention is one of the key indicators of successful business activity. If your business demonstrates a stable increase in customer retention by 5%, the company can count on a 95% increase in its overall profits. By using customer retention automated tools, you can initiate a win-back or abandoned cart campaign that can persuade customers to make their purchase once again.

However, it is important to send out relevant content that can engage people with the brand. For example, if your business provides university assignments help services, and there is a group of clients who have not shown up online for some time, it is a good idea to launch a customer retention program just about high college season.

Calendar Management Automation Tools

You might have received numerous emails that intended to congratulate you on your birthday. These businesses used date-based automation tools that tracked their customers’ special dates to send out emails offering some extra bonuses. Even though these emails mostly end up in the trash bin, at least 30% of the recipients will look them through, and 10% will use them. This means plus 10% to your monthly customer retention.

Content Automation

To turn your visitors into prospective customers, you need to send out the right content. Some programs can help you optimize your selling content so that it would look more informative and have great value in terms of gaining the trust of the audience. In your message, you do not need to focus on sales only. You should care about the prospects your customers get. 

Lead Generation Tools

Some automation tools allow you to analyze why certain leads are the hottest and what you need to do to convert them. Lead scoring will help your business understand further actions to be taken to increase sales targets and expand your pool of customers. Moreover, such programs will definitely allow you to keep a check on the new leads. This can also help you understand what methods work better in turning these leads to your prospective customers.


Sandra Larson is a freelance writer who finds passion in discovering the use of quality content in modern marketing. She studied the power of words in printed advertising as well as social media posts and found out that the way the brand interacts with a customer directly affects business growth and sales. In this article, Sandra tries to explain how marketing automation can help business owners gain new clientele and expand their businesses’ share in the market.

Growing Your Business Using Marketing Automation

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