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7 Ways Guest Posting Can Help Grow Your Online Audience

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A successful Guest Posting Strategy can help grow website traffic, improve brand credibility and help in increasing SEO scores. Read on to know more.


Guest Posting is the process of creating high-quality content and requesting an external website to publish it on their site. This helps in getting access to another website’s traffic, build backlinks and improve a website’s credibility and authority.

In recent years, many commentators say that Guest Posting has taken a backseat to newer and more innovative digital marketing strategies like Blogger Outreach. However, most agree that it continues to be one of the most sought after Off-Page SEO strategies even in 2019.

In this article, we will look at the Top 7 ways Guest Posting can help grow your online audience.

Top 7 ways Guest Posting can help grow your online audience: The List

  1. Access to New Audiences and Target Demographics-

Most digital marketing experts prefer guest posting over other strategies as it helps in getting content and information in front of new audiences. For a brand that is looking to enter some new markets and form a relationship with local audiences, guest posting is a great way to establish the brand.

Brands do not pursue guest posting as aggressively as they should. I have always maintained that guest posting has the possibility of giving ROIs similar to Social Media presence and optimization.

  1. Helps in Building Relationships and Networks-

Even though there might be several million bloggers and publishers out there, it is still a close-knit community. Once you start doing guest posting, both accepting and publishing, you will come to forge deep relationships with many publishers.

While some of them might be just starting out, others would be established authority voices. You would need some help, especially if you are starting out. Contacts, networks, and communications are a great way of working. Guest posting helps to build these bridges.

  1. Credible Guest Posting helps in White Hat SEO-

Please pay attention to the word ‘credible’. Google has made itself clear when it comes to guest posting for spammy link building. It is important that the quality of content in the guest post is of high value. It should be informative, original and useful to the readers.

Quality content helps in publishing guest posts on high authority sites. No blogger or publisher can resist a great piece of content. This is why it is important to pursue white hat strategies when it comes to guest posting.

According to Google, the quality of the guest post is something that determines whether it is white hat or black hat. In other words, whether a strategy falls within Google’s Quality Guidelines or not.

  1. Increase in Sales, Leads, and Revenues-

If done right, guest posting can be a viable channel for generating more sales and revenues for your brand. Even though most SEOs and agencies will tell you that, it serves just as a tool for building backlinks. This is far from the truth.

We tend to forget that the principles of guest posting are such that they offer users an unbiased, original and informative form of content. This means that in terms of relationships, guest posting is the closest to Affiliate Marketing.

Brands, which pursue guest posting in the spirit and manner, generate healthy leads and sales figures simply by using someone else’s platform and giving their own content on that platform.

  1. Establish Brand Authority-

Guest Posting is a great way of seeding high-quality content to authority sites. This helps in building authority and credibility. Once readers start identifying your brand on major platforms, they will start recognizing you as a legitimate brand.

Some of the biggest authority publishers do not work via the paid route. They are more interested in high-quality content. As the readers are different in terms of mindset and orientation, they want to see original and informative content at all times.

Establishing brand authority through guest posting helps in building a steady follower base. It also helps in translating into real sales and revenues.

  1. Accept Guest Post and experience new traffic-

Guest posting is a two-way channel. By accepting guest posts you tend to gain from a brand’s or blogger’s audience base. It also helps you gain respectability and authority from the fellow blog community.

Once you publish new content on your site, it helps attract audiences to your platform. The blogger will share his piece on his social profiles. This will also help in redirecting traffic from his social media to your website pages.

Over time, you will get more requests for guest posting from bigger brands and celebrated authors. Connecting, networking and relationship building is a healthy and positive by-product of guest posting.

  1. Gaining Quality Backlinks for your website-

This is one of the major reasons and benefits of Guest Posting. You should always negotiate for a ‘Do-Follow’ backlink in exchange for your content. If you are starting out and have low metrics, authority sites might be wary of giving you a do-follow link.

In such an instance, you should accept a no-follow link, especially if the site has a high traffic volume. Securing backlinks is a critical component of SEO and guest posting is a great way to do it.

However, you should always ensure that you are gaining links by pursuing a White Hat strategy. If you are pursuing a Black Hat strategy, Google can penalize you for manipulating their system. This can even lead to the deindexing of your website from Google.


Guest Posting continues to be one of the most sought after digital marketing strategies in the world. In addition to Blogger Outreach, guest posting continues to be the most preferred strategy for building backlinks. However, it is high time that brands and SEOs try to exploit the many other advantages of guest posting for their brands.

Grow Your Online Audience with Guest Posting

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