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Hi, I hope you are having a good day! Currently, food delivery services have become a hot topic. Wonder why? The online food delivery industry is constantly revamping its business model and other strategies to maintain its pace with the trend. Apart from the business model and the strategies you employ, you must also pay heed to the order management software. Let us make this topic more interesting with some tips to make your UberEats Clone food delivery order management more efficient.

Most of us are aware of the importance of (Point Of Sale) POS for businesses. To put it in layman’s terms, the POS is a management system that captures the orders, payment and maintains a check with the overall transactions.

What is the need for POS, and how it can aid your food delivery business?

When it comes to managing a large-scale business of any type, the POS is highly essential. With the system, you can seamlessly work the number of food orders, payments, and other service-related activities. To be more explicit, the POS is the software hub for restaurants or service providers to take up and deliver orders.

The popular POS systems are Micros, Square, NCR Aloha, and Revel. These POS systems are highly efficient in handling order requests and managing payments. Let us jump into the next section, where you will learn about POS usage in various business management aspects.

Order booking: With the POS system, users can book tables or orders by seeing the same availability. Previously, users will have to send requests to the manager, and the manager will approve the claim based on the available slots. This online reservation system blurs the need to place orders via phone calls or emails.

The POS is highly responsive to any device, ranging from smartphones to tablets to PCs. Again, owning the POS system can be of great benefit to know your users’ preferences and suggest their favorites while they place orders.

Manage delivery partners: Managing UberEats Clone delivery partners is one hectic task. Aligning tasks and sending out orders via delivery partners won’t be easy without the POS. Once users place orders, they will be directed to the restaurant or the kitchen. They will prepare the food and update the status as ready. The system is infused with the dispatch algorithm that will assign delivery tasks to delivery partners without putting orders in a loop.

Food delivery giants like UberEats, DoorDash, Postmates, etc., have their delivery partners, thereby dispatching the order to users on time.

Inventory management: You can keep track of the restaurant inventory with the POS to update the stock availability. Automating the inventory management will eliminate the human-made errors in updating the list.

Mobile ordering: It facilitates users to place orders via their smartphones. Other than door delivery, users who visit the restaurants can even make use of mobile ordering. But how? It enables users to scan the QR code that comprises the menus, cost, and stocks. Once users scan the QR code at their tables, they will see the menu items and order them immediately.

Analytics and reports: The POS system is an all-in-one software for managing your food delivery business. You will get the real-time analytics report too. With analytics, you can know your users better, thereby optimizing your targeting strategies.

These are the highlights of integrating the POS system for your business. What if I say an app like UberEats will be the best POS for your business? Yes, the app can handle and manage all the above-said activities without any hassles. Coming up is the UberEats clone development solution. Stay tuned!

What is the UberEats clone app?

The UberEats clone app is a food ordering app developed to provide end-to-end delivery services to users. With this, all the app stakeholders, like users, service providers, and admin, can reap benefits.

Benefits for users

  • Register with the app in a few steps
  • Get to know the stock availability.
  • Order favorite dishes from favorite restaurants
  • Make payments easily
  • Know the status of orders
  • Track the location of delivery persons
  • Give reviews and ratings.

Benefits for restaurants/service providers

  • Registration is just a few taps.
  • Get more exposure to their services.
  • Manage menus
  • Manage payments
  • Receive feedback from users

Benefits for the app owners

  • Increased traffic
  • Manage user/restaurant profiles easily.
  • Manage delivery persons
  • Finance management
  • Know users’ expectations/behaviors

The workflow of UberEats falls under these simple steps.

  1. The initial and mandatory step is registration. Users will type in their details and get registered with the app.
  2. Next, users will reach the app’s homepage to place orders and carry out other app related activities.
  3. The app displays the restaurants that are located near the premises of users.
  4. Users can either select the nearby store or order from any of the stores listed in the app.
  5. Once users request orders, the UberEats Clone app will assign them to the concerned restaurants.
  6. The restaurant will cook the food and dispatch them through delivery partners.
  7. The delivery partners will take the order from the restaurants and dispatch it to the users’ location.
  8. Meanwhile, users can track the location of the delivery partner until the order reaches.

Let us have a look at the revenue streams associated with the app. The app’s revenue is mainly from commissions, delivery charges, and advertising.

Delivery charges- You can charge a fee for dispatching orders to users. The delivery fee can be based on the distance between the user’s location and the dispatch area/restaurant.

Commission fees– Restaurants have to pay a commission fee to you for orders placed via your app.

Advertising fees- Selling ads is the best way to make money. Find your advertising partners, display their ads, and get paid.


Nowadays, running a successful business is becoming a hard nut to crack. But still, you can foresee an increase in growth and revenue by launching your UberEats clone app. All the best!

Grow Food Delivery Services with UberEats Clone App Development

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