Google Business Profile Guide for Bed 'n Breakfast
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Google Business Profile Guide for Bed ‘n Breakfast


If you run a bed ‘n breakfast, you likely have a website for your business. But do your website and the other places where you list your business address have consistent information? The essential part of running any business is establishing an online presence so that people can find you when looking for services like yours.

Having an optimized listing on Google is one way to ensure that potential customers can easily find your company’s contact information and get more information about your offer. To help ensure your bed ‘n breakfast has an excellent online profile; we’ll go through step-by-step instructions to optimize every aspect of your Google Business Profile.

Maintain a Fully Optimized Website

Maintaining a fully optimized website is crucial in ensuring that your business can achieve good rankings on Google search results. A well-optimized site should have clean code and fast loading speed, making it easier for Google to crawl the page, index it, and show it in their search engine results pages (SERPs). The bed and breakfast (B&B) sector in the United States contains over 3,000 facilities with total yearly revenue of approximately $1 billion.

In recent years, this industry has seen an increase in competition as more people become aware of its benefits compared to other types of accommodation, such as hotels or motels. It is also essential for you to keep abreast with changing trends, so if ever there are new ways customers prefer booking online, then make sure that your website offers these services.

However, optimizing a website is no easy task and needs the aid of a professional. It’s best to engage SEO professionals to handle everything from keyword research to content generation to backlinks. It is critical to recruiting someone from your company’s area.

Consider this example to understand this better. The Kap & Kappy BnB is a business located in Orlando and is looking to promote it online. However, if the establishment hires remote SEO services, say, somewhere from Chicago, it won’t be ideally correct. The reason is that Chicago experts might not be familiar with Orlando’s local trends and thus won’t be able to offer the relevant solutions. 

Therefore, it makes sense to leverage the services of the Orlando SEO expert team as they will know what tourists coming to the place are looking for. Based on that, they’ll be able to optimize your website content while ensuring they remain fresh and current. Besides, hiring local services helps you avail several other services such as business collaborations to offer exciting online deals, seeking services of local influencers, local guest posting, getting reliable backlinks from local businesses, etc. 

Use the Right Keywords for Your BnB

Keywords are the words and phrases people type into search engines to find information. The average number of monthly searches for a given keyword is also known as the “Keyword Difficulty” or KD. Surprisingly, 94.74% of keywords have ten or fewer monthly searches, which means they are low competitive. So using such keywords for a bed ‘n breakfast venture like this could be pointless, right?

Not necessarily. While many businesses rely too heavily on KD, its commercial intent is more important than the difficulty of your target keyword. For example, does it indicate that someone who types those words into a search engine wants to buy what you’re selling? If so, then go ahead and use those words.

Google has made it easier to figure out whether or not you should use specific terms in your website copy by releasing Google Keyword Planner tools for both AdWords advertisers and organic SEOs.

In addition to providing data about estimated average monthly traffic for each suggested term/phrase and its estimated CPC, these tools will also tell you how broad an audience might be interested in clicking through based on their queries over time. Such insight significantly helps one choose the right keyword to drive business results.

List Your BnB on Google My Business

It would help if you listed your BnB on Google My Business to attract more customers. That’s because 64% of people have used GMB to get contact information for a local business. Google My Business is a free service that allows you to manage all your online listings in one place, including your Google search results and Maps listing.

When someone searches for “Bed & Breakfast” in their area, they will be able to see all the businesses that include this keyword in their listing title or description and are verified by Google as being legitimate Bed & Breakfasts. And with reviews from previous guests, you can be sure that potential clients will know precisely what they are getting before booking with you.

Add a Virtual Tour of Your BnB

According to Google, adding a virtual tour to your GMB increases online booking by an average of 85%. So setting up a 360-degree virtual tour for your bed and breakfast is essential.

To create the best possible experience for potential guests, include links throughout your tour that lead directly back to your website or Google My Business listing. You can also add links that direct people back to specific pages on your site, such as “Rooms” or “Photos.”

Some great tools for creating virtual tours include TourWrist and Snap360. Once you’ve created your tour using one of these tools, make sure you link it from within the description of each property page on TripAdvisor or This will help build trust among potential guests who want additional information before booking their stay with you.

Add Photos, Videos & Menu Items

A business with visual content is 50 times more likely to rank organically than without images or videos. For example, you can add photos of your bed and breakfast, a video introducing yourself and your business, the rooms you offer, the area around your business, or even pictures of other local attractions that might be relevant to visitors.

If you’re going for maximum effect for each piece of content you post on Google Business Pages (GBP), ensure each has an eye-catching title to stand out from all the other items in search results.

Get Google Reviews & Engage Your Customers

Now that you have a Google Business listing, it’s time to get reviews and engage your customers. About 68% of customers deal with businesses considering the positive reviews, so you better start seeking reviews from customers. First, get reviews from customers by asking them if they have had a good experience in your place or service. If they say yes, ask them to leave a review on Google Maps and their favorite review site, maybe Yelp.

Respond to customer-written negative comments on social media channels and your website/blog page about any issues that may have occurred during their visit/stay at your business. Also, provide solutions for these problems so other potential guests can learn from them. These responses should be short but informative enough so people will not feel uncomfortable rereading them later when searching for similar online businesses.


As you can see, creating a Google Business Profile is straightforward. However, the process is fun and eye-opening too. It’s incredible to see how much information there is about your business, and can help you learn more about yourself and your customers.

I hope this article has been helpful for you to understand how Google Business Profiles work so that now you can get started on this critical task for your business or organization.

Google Business Profile Guide for Bed’ n Breakfast

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